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U.M. ARMY-McKinney 2009

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We will have the gods given: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, compassion, and the fear of the

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Lord. Pastors and teachers tell us Confirmation means that you are a true church soldiers, which gives you a right, that case was Protestant, Muslim or any other violation of the pagan, we will have killed , to become a martyr. Is dead, I really want to say to them, I do not want to die for the faith, because I have to prepare for Ireland and died. ickey. Morey said: Are you kidding? To die for the faith of the whole thing is nonsense, but this is their series to scare you, too die for Ireland. No one why things to death, dying people have died. I do not for the Irish and die, do not die for the faith. I can die for my mom, and nothing more.
Grandmother, said so,

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she said the boys from the age of nine to 10 years of age, the body is changed, easy nosebleeds. She said my body too much blood flowing out good, no harm. his day passed, I fell asleep on and off. At the time, Malachy and Michael came to my bed, I heard Malachy said: Frankie is very hot. Michael said: His blood flow to the legs. My mother put a damp cloth on my nose, put a key in my neck, but the blood flow stop. On Sunday morning, the blood flow to my chest, which makes the whole body is. My mother told my father, my ass is bleeding, he said I may be diarrhea, which is the common thing adolescence.
Claudia Hercynian raisins, Paddy is like this. Dad sad,

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is the worst thing in the world. I started to cry. This is how the matter? Sister Rita said, you have the blood of so many soldiers, freak? Tomorrow is a big surprise for you, Francis. You'll never guess, Well, I tell you, you Songcha tomorrow morning, we will give you delicious biscuits. This is a privilege oh. Moreover, your father over a day or two will look at you, is not it, Mr. McCourt?The father nodded, then put his hand on my hands.
atricia said she did not understand promoting and conclusive instance What does it mean, but she does not value Shakespeare, she has her own poetry. The other end of the wall for me to read one of her poems, written by an owl and cat with honey, money, take

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a green boat heading out to sea. Throughout not make any sense. When I told the truth about their feelings, Patricia angry, to say that this is the last time she read poetry to me. She said I always recite Shakespeare's verse, the same does not make sense. Xi Musi stopped the mops, said we should not poetry quarrel, and so we grew up to marry some quarrel. Patricia said I'm sorry, I have to say you're sorry. So she gave me to read from

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the fragment of another poem.
h, God, do not do that, nurses. ood, Xi Musi, this time I'll spare you. Do you know that singing makes these people relapse. hen she left, he whispered that he wanted to teach me a few songs, singing is a good way to pass the time when you stay typhoid ward. He said that Patricia was a lovely girl, she often from parcel sent her mother every two weeks to get some candy for him. He no longer mop the floor toward the ward next door shouting: I'm telling Frankie, you're a lovely girl, Patricia. She said: you're a lovely man, Xi Musi. He laughed, and he has been a four-year-old, has no children, children to talk only with the fever hospital.
When she was about to read the last few lines of poetry, County Kerry nurse was walking in, punching her and I shouted: I told ye are not across the room speech, speech never allowed diphtheria patients with typhoid patients, anti- over the same. I warned ye have. She large Shenghuan Road: Xi

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Musi, put this guy away, this man suffer (children) away. Sister Rita said that he have to say a word, let him go upstairs alone. We warned change of position, no nonsense, ye do not listen. This man to suffer (child) away, Xi Musi and took him away. h, well, nurses, he is in fact nothing wrong, just some poetry Bale. an suffer (children) away, Xi Musi, immediately took him away.
r. Troy is responsible for our medical doctor, but he was on vacation. Monday to see me with a whiskey gas, he gave me a check and told my mother I had a bad cold, let me stay in bed and do not move. A few days later, I go back to sleep, continue to bleed. The mother burned beef

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tea, I do not want to eat. She even bought ice cream, I looked at began nausea. Mrs. Hannon said the doctor again, nonsense, go see Dr.
rady said: I went to my mother. A moment later, she took to Mrs. Hannon. Castor oil, Mrs. Hannon said, do you have? What oil will do. Cod liver oil? Is required. he cod liver oil poured into the baby's mouth, he turned over to squeeze his back, and then he turned over a spoon inserted into his throat to bring out a white ball. This is something, she said, is the milk block, end up stuck in his throat, what you want to use oil-opening it, get it out.
Mickey 14 years old, than we are, due to the dry coal send job,

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he was very strong. He is like Pa. Uncle Keating, the body was coal black, can only see the eyes on the little white foam on the lower lip --- that he might fall ill at any time. uasimodo said: Wait, Mickey, they come first. Such as ass, Mickey said, climb the outfall. Billy complained, but Quasimodo shook his head and said: I have no idea, every week with Shilling. I can not let him on the outfall, or he will beat me to complain to my mother. The next day, she'd kept in the pits, let me all day to be together with the mouse.
I have now not hungry, you can go O'Connor, Jie Liangbian, and alleys Bar to find his father. He in Gleason bar, how I can not

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hear his voice?Have particularly surprised sights,That is just my personal thing. ntrim Green Valley I open embraceAs for their feelings, it is my own thing. y heart pounding painfully, I do not know what to do, because my mother sitting on the side of the stove, and my heart filled with anger. I rushed a while to kick in, and then sped away in his lap. But I can not, because we fire the next morning, he told me library Hu Lin, Germany. Valera and Roosevelt's story. Moreover, if he was drunk there, baby money to buy wine Eugene looking for Oliver, his eyes showing that look, I might as well go home to her mother lied and said I did not see him In any case could not find him.

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