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Amazing Grace: The Grace That Comes Before Luke 15: 3-7, Ephesians 1: 3-14 On the occasion of a personal anniversary, Pastor David begins a three-part sermon series on God's "Amazing Grace."
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Effective July 1, 2011 Rev. David Kalas will be our new Lead Pastor. This introductory video, written and produced by Lisa Magnin, was shown in worship on June 12. Shannon Mobley provides the narration.
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We surround ourselves with reminders: Post-It notes, calendars, alarms, alerts, etc. And on this Sunday, we'll find ourselves surrounded by reminders in church, too. Rev. Kalas preaches "What We Do To One Another: A Friendly Reminder" based on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28.
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Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching. His sermon, "A Labor of Love," is based on Jeremiah 18: 1-11.
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This weekend we begin an October Sermon Series called Great Leaders of the Bible: God's Change Agents. As we prepare for the fall election, we will take a look to see how God has worked through leaders in the past. Rev. Paul Johnsen will be preaching. His sermon, "Joseph, the Visionary," will be based on Genesis 45. "God sent me ahead of you to keep your families alive and to save you in this wonderful way. After all, you weren't really the ones who sent me here—it was God." (Genesis 45: 7-8)
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At the Garden Tomb we saw Golgatha (the Place of the Skull) and the Tomb, and celebrated communion. (Please turn volume up as this video is hard to hear.) (January 2009)
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Pilviskiai UMC
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The sermon this week by Rev. Paul Johnsen is entitled "On a Ring and a Prayer." The scripture is John 17:6-19. The sermon begins with a skit called "Phone a Prayer" with Dave and Sandy Zochert.
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Our Praise and Be Joyful Kids shared this Christmas musical as part of worship on Saturday, December 13, 2008.
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It's part of the first Sunday of every month for us. The bread, the cup, and the celebration together of the Lord's Supper. On this World Communion Sunday, we take a new look at the ancient sacrament. Rev. David Kalas preaches "A Meal in the Midst" based on Luke 22:14-19.
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Sermon: "Sing to the Lord a New Song" Preacher: Rev. Dave Wilkinson Scripture: Psalm 149 "I don't think there's a close second to the Bible when it comes to the most important book in a Christian's life. But I know what the distant second is, at least. It's the hymnal. And so I'm eager for us to explore it and know it together."
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25 years ago this month Dave began his ministry at Church of the Saviour in Cleveland Heights, Ohio as Director of Small Group Ministries. He was consecrated a Diaconal Minister in 1994, moved to First UMC in Green Bay in 1997, and was ordained a Deacon in 2000. At our Fresh Bread service July 11 there was a surpise anniversary recognition. Thanks to Bruce Cantrall for putting together this video.
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Rev. Paul Johnsen, sermon titled "When God is nowhere to be found" Job 23: 1-9; 16-17
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19 students were confirmed on April 26, 2009. Dana Johnson, a mentor, was the guest speaker. Music was provided by some of the students and mentors.
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We conclude the five-part series on Our Membership Vows as United Methodists this Sunday with the theme of "gifts". Donna Wilkinson, Certified Lay Speaker, will preach her sermon, "Casting Call" based on Matthew 25:14-30. All of our gifts come from God, and we are called to joyfully give them back to God through community. As a member of this church, we are invited to share our gifts of leadership, music, talent, and service in addition to financial gifts. Special music by Dan Heinz and Kathy Nelson.
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Becky Larson, Ecumenical Partnership for Housing Mentoring Program Coordinator, gives the morning message.
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This First News video features our new eco-friendly shopping bag which is given to all first-time visitors. The bag promotes the RETHINK CHURCH campaign. Produced by Ted Johnsen.
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Easter is the most joyous, most festive, and most important of all Sundays. And together on this Easter Sunday we contemplate that first Easter Sunday. Pastor David Kalas concludes his sermon series on worship with a focus on the day we worship. Because Jesus rose from the dead, that changes everything.
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This weekend we continue our Advent Sermon Series: A Future with Hope. Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching. His sermon is based on Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-11. "The Spirit of God is upon me to…" God has called each one of us to our vocation as disciples of Jesus Christ. How are we allowing God's spirit to work in and through us during these busy days of Advent? The Sanctuary Choir sings "There Shall a Star Come Out of Jacob."
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At our Saturday night worship Rev. Paul Johnsen shares a Sports Extra by Rick Riley about Gainesville highschool football.
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