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Judy Crain preached at the 9:15 service on the Membership Vow of Presence.
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8/1/2010 "What is So Amazing About Grace?" Fresh Bread Message -- Rev. Dave Wilkinson; Food for Thought with the kids; "Your Grace Is Enough" song at the end.
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Our sister church, Pilviskiai UMC in Lithuania, shares this video of the Christmas story from Christmas Eve.
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For decades, sports enthusiasts have said that life is like baseball. In this particular matter, however, we discover that the Christian life is actually more like football. Special music by Bill Jones and Stu Smith; accompanied by Carol Lehman.
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This is an introduction to our Advent theme -- "A Life-giving Christmas: Keepin' it Real."
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This week's sermon by Rev. Paul Johnsen is based on John 15:1-8. God is the Vine Grower. Jesus is the Vine. We are the Branches and we are to bear good fruit.
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"Mission Statement: What's All This For?" Scripture: Genesis 12:1-9 Surrounded by gifts from Jacob, Esau asked, "What's all this for?" Jacob told him the answer. And perhaps God has told us the answer, as well. Special music by the Bell Choir.
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One of the all-time favorite hymns will be our theme -- and our role model -- as we explore what prompts our souls to sing. This Sunday, Rev. David Kalas will preach "Then Sings My Soul." His sermon will be based on Psalm 98. Special music by Michael Stefanek and Debbie DeGroot.
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As part of the "Out Live Your Life" message serice at Fresh Bread contempoary worship Dr. Dave Rentmeester shared his experiences of traveling on a medical mission to Haiti following the earthquake.
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This Sunday Rev. Paul Johnsen's message, "The Voice of the Lord," is based on Psalm 29. The psalmist describes the many ways God's voice is heard. During the 9:15 a.m. worship service we recognized our 2009 graduating high school seniors.
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Sermon Series: "Three Words from Jesus" Sermon Title: "The Mission" Scripture: Acts 1:1-8 Preacher: Rev. David Kalas The parents celebrate when their toddler takes his or her first step. But the beauty and achievement of a single step is short-lived, for both the child and the parent want a second step and a third. Taking one step isn't quite walking for a child. Or for a church. Special music by the Sanctuary Choir.
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"Emmanuel" at Fresh Bread just before worship service on Dec 20, 2009. This has some close-ups of the talented JAM musicians praising God by playing a beautiful Christmas song during the last Sunday of Advent.
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This Sunday Rev. Dave Wilkinson preaches the sermon, "The Fresh Bread of Heaven," based on John 6:24-35. Jesus said, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty."
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On October 4, 2008 while on a mission trip to our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania, our team celebrated the 10th anniversary of our partnership and the 5th anniversary of their church building. This video shows exerpts of what Rev. Dave Wilkinson and Jeanne Reimer said on behalf of First Church and what Layleader Danute and Pastor Victorija said on behalf of the Pilviskiai Church.
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During our Holy Land pilgrimage Rev. Dave Wilkinson and Rev. Linda Pliska officiated at a baptism renewal. Some were reminded of their baptism by dipping an olive branch in the Jordan and touching the foreheads in the sign of the cross. Others, shown in the second video were immersed. (January 2009)
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UMTV presents a story about the Buddy Program at St. James UMC in Tampa, Florida serving the needs of families with children with special needs.
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Meet the Eberles, co-pastors at our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania, and seee what's happening there.
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This weekend we celebrate Christ the King. At the 5:00 p.m. Saturday service Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching. The Scripture text for the weekend is Matthew 25: 31-46. "When the Son of Man comes in his glory and all the angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory." (Matthew 25: 31) This service includes a "Sports Extra."
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For the second Sunday of Lent, Rev. Paul Johnsen's sermon, "Do You Not Yet Understand?", is based on Mark 8:31-38. "If anyone wants to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me."
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Can you picture heaven? What it will look like? What life will be like there? Our aim is to catch a glimpse of it together this Sunday! Rev. David Kalas will preach "A Glimpse of Heaven" based on Daniel 2:36-45.
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