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Rev. Dave Wilkinson's message, "A Life Based on 3:16 concludes the "3:16 The Numbers of Hope" series at Fresh Bread worship.
Added: 1920 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 1403.88
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This inspirational video clip was used as part of the Fresh Bread message "Jesus: The Real Deal" on September 12, 2010 kicking off the series "Real Life, Real People, Real Faith."
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Runtime: 122.22
Views: 1047
An ecumenical service of Prayer for Christian Unity was held at First Church on January 23, 2013. UM Bishop Hee-Soo Jung was the preacher.
Added: 850 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 3272.34
Views: 501
On January 18, 2010 an interfaith service was held in our sanctuary in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. The guest speaker is John Shier.
Added: 1951 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1427.73
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Sermon by Scott Carnes titled "Repent or Perish", based on the scripture of Luke 13: 1-9.
Added: 1903 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1410.94
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New Hope UMC Youth Band Sanctify plays original special music "Around My Head" at the Fresh Bread Service 8/15/2010.
Added: 1743 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 358.64
Views: 3155
While in Lithuania Shannon Mobley helped the children make cross necklaces and bracelets. The kids proudly show their finished crafts.
Added: 1703 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 91.20
Views: 2259
Fathers teach us many things ranging from the simple things like how to hammer a nail, to the deeply spiritual matters like how to trust in God. Our Heavenly Father teaches us many things as well. On this Father's Day, Deacon Dave will share some of the things his earthly father and his Heavenly Father have taught him. The sermon by Rev. Dave Wilkinson, "What My Father Taught Me" is based on Matthew 6:25-34. Special music by Kathy Nelson.
Added: 1071 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1473.41
Views: 1002
Rev. Linda Pliska preaches on "Me - a Healer" Ask the Holy Spirit!" based on Luke 4:16-19 & 9:1-2. A father's day song by the children is at the end of the video.
Added: 1796 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 1715.00
Views: 2506
Our sister church, Pilviskiai UMC in Lithuania, shares this video of special music from Christmas Eve.
Added: 2336 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 196.30
Views: 1677
Our Lithuanian mission team participates in a short skit during family camp in Pilviskiai
Added: 1750 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 34.57
Views: 2212
Two of our youth rang the bells and collected donations for Salvation Army recently. Ted Johnsen interviewed these students and produced this video for First News.
Added: 2351 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 85.09
Views: 2749
Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching. His message, "Knowing God," is based on Job 42:1-6, 10-17. "I had heard of you by the hearing of my ear, but now my eye sees you." (Job 42:5)
Added: 2036 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 926.89
Views: 2328
Church Knows Church talks about Lent in this video.
Added: 830 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 156.46
Views: 478
Michael Stefanek, organist
Added: 1783 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 182.75
Views: 1440
Shannon Mobley was in mission with our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania and led a class for children.
Added: 1704 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 210.40
Views: 1927
For decades, sports enthusiasts have said that life is like baseball. In this particular matter, however, we discover that the Christian life is actually more like football. Special music by Bill Jones and Stu Smith; accompanied by Carol Lehman.
Added: 1057 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1336.10
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District Superintendent, Rev. Gordon Lind, preaches on Acts 1: 1-8. "M & M's" Fresh Bread Message -- 8/8/2010 Also short photo display of Navarino Park Outreach Wednesdays at 7-8 p.m. in the summer.
Added: 1747 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 1377.32
Views: 3128
Our future is found in the ancient texts of our Holy Bible. This summer in our 8:00 and 9:15 a.m. worship services we will go back to those texts so we can look forward, catching a glimpse of the Kingdom of God. This Sunday Rev. Paul Johnsen preaches on Luke 8: 26-39, where Jesus casts out demons.
Added: 1798 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1183.08
Views: 1403
This week's sermon by Rev. Paul Johnsen will be based on John 10:11-18. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. What do sheep hear when they listen to the shepherd's voice? Music is provided by the Sanctuary Choir.
Added: 2211 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1007.24
Views: 1153
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