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Today's message by Deacon Dave Wilkinson titled "For All the Right Reasons" is based on Acts 4:32-5:10 and features na video clip by Max Lucado.
Added: 1574 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 1048.32
Views: 3577
Added: 1792 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 83.90
Views: 2238
This video/slide show was taken a few years ago by our Kenya Mission Team. The need it shows is timeless.
Added: 2563 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 114.00
Views: 2667
Part 4 of the Christmas Eve service at our sister church in Pailviskiai, Lithuania.
Added: 2013 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 91.93
Views: 2771
The Bell Choir plays "Carol of the Wise Men" for the Traveler's Christmas Eve, 12-23-08.
Added: 2384 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 252.59
Views: 1968
Special Music "You Will Never Walk Alone" as part of "The Mission of the Church Matters" sermon series. Words and music by Lowell Alexander.
Added: 1849 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 315.88
Views: 1985
Family Camp at Pine Lake UMC Camp near Adams, WI
Added: 2516 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 331.27
Views: 1559
In the sanctuary service this Sunday we continue our fall sermon series called Discipleship 101. Rev. Sarah Johnsen is preaching. Her sermon, "Disciples transform the world through prayer," is based on Luke 18:9-14.
Added: 1714 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1021.45
Views: 2347
Rev. Paul Johnsen's message, "Amazing Grief," was based on 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27. "I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; greatly beloved were you to me; your love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women."
Added: 2190 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 986.85
Views: 2085
Craig Mommaerts sings "Do You Hear What I Hear" during Saturday night worship on December 27, 2008.
Added: 2379 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 175.24
Views: 2098
Includes the message "Some Chose, Some Did Not" in a reader's theater format.
Added: 1500 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 1413.72
Views: 1220
Will you be getting together with family for the Thanksgiving holiday? As you think about who will be gathered around your table, be sure to invite all of Thanksgiving's family, too! Rev. David Kalas' sermon, "Thanksgiving's Family Reunion," is based on Psalm 6. Special music by the Bell Choir.
Added: 1322 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1530.03
Views: 1381
Folks from our sister church in Lithuania clean up and care for the Methodist Cemetary in Pilviskiai.
Added: 2264 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 84.07
Views: 2405
Learn how you can support the work of UMCOR around the world.
Added: 1939 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 142.91
Views: 1711
Scott Huntley and Shannon Mobley share their experiences as first-time missioners to our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania.
Added: 1728 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 816.38
Views: 3099
KenyaHELP graduate Purity G. talks about her life and how she was able to finish school with the help of faith, prayer and KenyaHELP. She almost dropped out of school permanently because of inability to pay school fees in Meru, Kenya. She received high marks and will be going to University next year. A truly inspirational story about a young girl who excels in school and in life. See for more information.
Added: 2093 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 302.96
Views: 3135
Series: What God Wants to Know. Sermon: "It's Always the Cover-Up" Preacher: David Kalas Scripture: Genesis 3:1-13 From a very early age, we demonstrate our reluctance to admit our wrongs. We prefer to deny or to blame. And we human beings have been doing that from the very beginning! Yet the Lord continually comes to us and asks us a question that would set us free.
Added: 860 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1344.74
Views: 569
In October of 2008 our Lithuania Mission Team began work on the fire station in Pilviskiai. This video, taken in November 2009, shows the progress being made after our team left. Our team purchased materials so that the work could continue.
Added: 2071 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 167.63
Views: 937
Our Kenya Mission Team showed this music video at Fresh Bread worship on August 16, 2009.
Added: 2146 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 274.17
Views: 1320
On Sunday, June 15, 2008 a van load of seven students and three adults headed off to Chicago for what can only be described as a journey; a journey of discovery to a new understanding of who God is and how our lives connect with those whose life context is different from our own. This video captures that journey.
Added: 2538 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 989.22
Views: 2818
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