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Rev. Dave Wilkinson shares his message, "Our Journey on Life's Highway." Special music presented by the Bell Choir.
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Sermon: "Witnesses in the Wilderness: When the Wilderness is Behind You" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Deuteronomy 8:11-20 Is there a painful period in your past that you'd just as soon forget? Don't do it. The biblical encouragement is to remember the wilderness. Special music by the Bell Choir.
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For the Sports Extra at our Saturday night worship service on November 29, Rev. Paul Johnsen tells about Ken Mink, the 73-year-old college basketball plaayer.
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This Thanksgiving video was shared during our Fresh Bread worship service on Novemeber 18, 2012.
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"If I could preach or teach only one thing," Pastor David says, "this would be it." This Sunday Pastor David shares his message, "R.S.V.P" based on John 13:31-35.
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Women in a Bible Study at our Sister Church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania send their greetings and share what they are studying.
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Rev. Paul Johnsen, with sermon based on Mark 9:38-50. Jesus said, "Whoever is not against us is for us."
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This 11:00 contemplative Christmas Eve service in the Sanctuary featured music by members of our JAM Band,a message by Rev. Dave Wilkinson entitled "Reflections on a Birth," and the traditional candle lighting.
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Sermon Series: "In a Moment We'll Sing: Songs for the Storms" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Matthew 7:24-27; Mark 4:36-41; Matthew 14:22-33; Psalm 107:23-32 We watch the forecast, and we try to steer clear of storms. Our driving, our boating, our flying all try to navigate around storms. But life brings some storms that cannot be avoided. And this Sunday we'll consider our "Songs for the Storms."
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Rev. Esther Jadhav Gohil, Coordinator of Intercultural Programs at Asbury University, was our guest preacher this Sunday. She shared the message, "Jesus Changes Water Into Wine" based on John 2:1-11. Special Music by Carol Harris and Donna Wilkinson
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This informal video, taken on Christ the King Sunday in 2008, is a sample of what our Fresh Bread service at the YWCA is like. Join us at 10:30 a.m. as we praise God with our JAM band.
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This week Mary Harrison shares her real faith journey. Her message -- "Help a Child Today, Change the Future Tomorrow" -- is based on Mark 9: 33-37. Mary includes Ruth in sharing her journey of caring for children in Uganda.
Added: 1447 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 657.79
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Theme: "Enjoined to Enjoy" Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:11-21 Some people don't do Thanksgiving well because they are not expressing their gratitude to God. Others of us, however, make a more subtle mistake: we diminish our gratitude with devotion. It's a peculiar but common affliction of the earnest, and we will seek a cure for it this Thanksgiving season. Special music by Heidi Strong.
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Rev. Paul Johnsen's sermon, "A Time to Dream Again," is based on Psalm 126.
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Sermon Series: "Going Places with God" Sermon: "Penuel" Preacher: David Kalas Scripture: Genesis 32:22-31 We go some places to do sightseeing. When Jacob arrived at Penuel, however, he had no idea what he would see there. Special music by the Bell Choir.
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This Sunday, we conclude our three-part sermon series on God's "Amazing Grace" with that particular brand of grace in which we live. Pastor David's message, "The Grace That Abounds" is based on Romans 5:18-6:14. Special music by Dan Heinz.
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Four Words... God Is With Us... make all the difference in the world. Watch this inspiring video shared at the 11:00 Christmas Eve service.
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Nancy Watts provides special music on her harp for the Traveler's Christmas Eve on 12/23/08.
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This is a promo for the message series at Fresh Bread post Easter 2010.
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Staying warm during the winter months is a priority for many, but for one member of our church, he's made keeping other people warm, his priority. Ted Johnsen has the story.
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