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Effective July 1, 2011 Rev. David Kalas will be our new Lead Pastor. This introductory video, written and produced by Lisa Magnin, was shown in worship on June 12. Shannon Mobley provides the narration.
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This weekend we continue our October Sermon Series called Great Leaders of the Bible: God's Change Agents. As we prepare for the fall election, we take a look to see how God has worked through leaders in the past. Rev. Sarah Johnsen is preaching. Her sermon, "Esther: Courageous Leader," will be based on Esther 4. "It could be that you were made queen for a time like this." Esther 4: 14b
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Do you like me? Check Yes or No. Often, our insecurities cause us to question if we are truly loved by someone. This video reminds us that even in our lowest points, God has already declared His love for us and that will never change. This video clip, by, was shown at Fresh Bread worship on 2/12/12.
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Mike Eaves, Head Coach of the Wisconsin Badgers Hockey Team, shares tips on keeping balance in life. This was used as a Sports Extra in our Saturday Night Worship Service.
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In the sanctuary service this Sunday Rev. Sarah Johnsen is preaching. Her sermon -- "Shiprah and Puah: Women of Faith" -- is based on Exodus 1: 8-21. Our ancestral sisters in the faith were called by God to resist the powers of injustice and oppression. How is their story, our story today?
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Sermon: "The King Who Loved His Enemies" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: 2 Samuel 18:1-5 Hating an enemy comes naturally to us. But what to do when the person who is trying to kill us is someone we love? Such was the plight of King David in this Sunday's poignant story. Special music by the Sanctuary Choir.
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For decades, sports enthusiasts have said that life is like baseball. In this particular matter, however, we discover that the Christian life is actually more like football. Special music by Bill Jones and Stu Smith; accompanied by Carol Lehman.
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Pastor Sarah giving sermon titled "The Full Impact of Sin"; based on the scripture from Romans 8: 16-25.
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Sunday, August 25 Sermon: "Pictures of Prayer" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Luke 8:40-56 While we have completed our series on The Lord's Prayer, we continue our prayer emphasis this Sunday with a special three-part message. Together we'll explore the intertwined stories of Jairus and the woman with an issue of blood, and we'll find there several meaningful "Pictures of Prayer."
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For the second Sunday of Lent, Rev. Paul Johnsen's sermon, "Do You Not Yet Understand?", is based on Mark 8:31-38. "If anyone wants to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me."
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Our KenyaHELP program and 2009 mission trip are highlighted in this First News produced by Ted Johnsen.
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Our sister church, Pilviskiai UMC in Lithuania, shares this video of special music from Christmas Eve.
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Rev. David Kalas is preaching. His sermon, "What We Do To One Another: Holy Hellos," is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28.
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Scott Carnes will be preaching at worship this Sunday, March 7, 2010. He sent this greeting in advance.
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At Fresh Bread worship Deacon Dave Wilkinson shares a message about Barnabas: A Real Encourager. The JAM Band plays "That's What Faith Can Do."
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"Great Day in Bethlehem", Fresh Bread Worship at the YWCA, First United Methodist Church, Green Bay, December, 20, 2009
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On this Palm Sunday we will walk with Jesus through the crowded streets of Jerusalem and reflect on what it means to be a follower today. Rev. Paul Johnsen's sermon, "Our Most Important Work," is based on Mark 11:1-11. The Sanctuary Choir provides special music.
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FUMCGB youth and adult chaperones camped out at Lifest 2008 in Oshkosh and enjoyed some great music and fellowship.
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Sermon: "God's Chisel" Preacher: Rev. Dave Wilkinson Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-10 From a hardened stone to a masterpiece of art, a sculptor takes a hammer and chisel and begins to chip away what should not be there. In a similar way, when we give our lives to Christ we are saying, "Chisel away, God. I'm all yours." OUCH! Special music by Becky Covi, Katie Butitta, and Ellen Hanchek.
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This music video was shared in the Fresh Bread worship service on April 14, 2013 at the end of Deacon Dave's message "But God..."
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