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Many things deteriorate with age and over time. But some things improve. We'll ponder both and seek the latter this Sunday. Pastor David shares his message, "Wine and Cheese" based on Ecclesiastes 1:1-11. Special music by Brittany Dulak and Kim Insley.
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Perhaps no single person in history is more famous for his suffering than the Old Testament character Job. This Sunday Pastor David shares his message, "Faith in Pain: The Great Affirmation" based on Job 19:13-26. The Scripture is enacted by Dave Zochert.
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Our KenyaHELP program and 2009 mission trip are highlighted in this First News produced by Ted Johnsen.
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At our Saturday night worship, the Dukes share a Sports Extra on soccer.
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Kristal Bells play "Seek Ye First" in worship.
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By tradition and by instinct, we want to be at home during special holidays. Ironically, almost none of the characters in the original Christmas story were at home that night. Still, the occasion really is all about home. This Sunday, Pastor David shares his sermon titled, "What Did The Angels Sing: No Place Like Home for the Holidays" and is based on Luke 2:1-7.
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Ron Vinger talks about the Walk to Emmaus -- A Transforming Experience of Christian Community.
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Pastor David says that he's a pizza lover. But there's more than one kind of pizza lover -- or for that matter, music lover, sports lover...or worship lover. Which kind are you?
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Comissioning of Lituania Mission Team at Combined Service at Jackson Square Park August 1, 2010. First UMC Green Bay, WI.
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This video, produced by Irene Kelly with help from Bruce Cantrall, shows the long tradition of the Good Will Place Pantry in serving the needs of our downtown community. This video was shown in worship on June 7, 2009.
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Some of the most stirring and disturbing words in Scripture are found in Job's tortured laments. He wishes he were dead. Indeed, he wishes he had never even been born. What is the gospel in the midst of such existential pain? This Sunday Pastor David will share his message, "Faith in Pain: The Great Savior" based on Job 30:16-31 and Job 3. Special music by the Joyful Voices Choir.
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Theme: "A Suitable Place to Live and Work" Scripture: Deuteronomy 23:9-14 Here is a passage of Scripture that you probably haven't heard read in church or preached on before. Yet Pastor David identifies it as one of his core Scriptures for understanding and defining his work as a minister. Let us consider together what it means for us as a church. Special music by Zephyr Ciesar and Patrick Marchant with Ellen Hanchek accompanying.
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The Placekicker's Principle He is not the highest paid player. He is not the one most sought after for autographs. Yet time and again, he is the one who wins the game for the team. He is the placekicker, and he is our patron saint this Sunday.
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Lots of youth groups hold car washes, but some ‘tween volunteers add a new twist … providing VIP treatment for residents of assisted-living facilities. Reed Galin reports for UMTV.
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This inspirational video clip was used as part of the Fresh Bread message "Jesus: The Real Deal" on September 12, 2010 kicking off the series "Real Life, Real People, Real Faith."
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This morning we climb into the experience of the prodigal son as we explore one of Jesus' most beloved parables. Pastor David shares his message, "Can You Hear the Sandals Slapping?" based on Luke 15:11-24. Special music by the Sanctuary Choir
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This video shows the progress on the improvements to the fire station in Pilviskiai, Lithuania begun by our mission team in 2008 and being completed by the fire fighters with materials we purchased. Note the firefighter's gear supplied by the Green Bay fire department.
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A children's musical by the M4M kids under the direction of Donna Wilkinson.
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A service of prayer, scripture, and song included a Good Friday message by Rev. Paul Johnsen.
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Al, Bill and Scott teaching Lithuanian kids to play kickball.
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