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At Fresh Bread worship Deacon Dave Wilkinson shares a message about Barnabas: A Real Encourager. The JAM Band plays "That's What Faith Can Do."
Added: 1736 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 1497.93
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Special Music: "Almighty" by the Bell Choir Scripture: Ezekiel 1 Sermon by Rev. David Kalas: "Our Smallest Mistake" The glory of God and the people of God We are many months revmoved from Christmas, but we want to think about the experience of the Bethlehem shepherds when the angels appeared. Do we imagine that they made our common mistake?
Added: 1167 days ago by Videos@First
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20110911_Fresh_Bread_Geri Heal Our Land Special Music SD
Added: 1387 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 230.72
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It's the season of giving, and for one First Church member, that's taking on a whole new meaning.
Added: 2430 days ago by ted.johnsen
Runtime: 82.85
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In a Moment We'll Sing: Simple Gifts Rev. David Kalas Matthew 2:1-12 Historically, Protestant churches have not paid as much attention to Mary as the Roman Catholic Church does. Yet centuries of art and devotional literature are devoted to contemplating Mary the mother of Jesus. And one of our familiar Christmas hymns gives us a lovely glimpse of her, too.
Added: 223 days ago by Videos@First
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Sermon: "Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind: Disciple with a Nickname" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: John 20:19-29 What do we know about Peter? A lot! What do we know about Thaddeus? Probably nothing. And what do we know about Thomas? Probably just one thing: his nickname. Special music by the Sanctuary Choir.
Added: 461 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1423.82
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Sermon titled "Look Who's Coming: The God Who Sings!"
Added: 2057 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1306.74
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A youth singing for the Christmas Eve service at our sister church in Lithuania.
Added: 2402 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 162.00
Views: 1680
Part 4 of the Christmas Eve service at our sister church in Pailviskiai, Lithuania.
Added: 2041 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 91.93
Views: 2785
Theme: "For the Love Within the Walls" Scripture: Acts 4:32-37 As much as we love our church buildings, we Christians know that the church is ultimately something more and other than just the building. But that's okay, for we love that, too!
Added: 1007 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1369.37
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This video shows a baptism taking place at our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania.
Added: 2142 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 108.20
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We continue an Epiphany Sermon Series called "Unselfish Prayer." This week Sarah Johnsen will preach on the theme "The Core of all True Prayer Is Praise" based on Ezra 3: 10-13. Special music by Debbie DeGroot and Michael Stefanek.
Added: 1624 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1382.18
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This weekend we begin our Advent Sermon Series: A Future with Hope. Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching. His sermon is based on Isaiah 64: 1-9. "Yet, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hands." Music is by Dan Heinz, piano, and Zoomie Hardke, vocal.
Added: 2436 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1120.95
Views: 2860
Our sister church, Pilviskiai UMC in Lithuania, sent three short Easter videos showing Easter Eggs in their church.
Added: 2302 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
Runtime: 29.83
Views: 2335
"REDEEMER", an Easter musical was presented at the 8:00 and 9:15 worship services on April 19. Written by Claire Cloniger and Dave Williamson, REDEEMER, combines narratives, personal monologues, children's choir, exciting new songs and old familiar ones to loudly proclaim the Easter story as a celebration of our redemption. The music weeps with passion and the tragedy of Holy Week and then proclaims our ultimate victory through the triumphant resurrection of our Lord. A special choir has formed, under the direction of Donna Wilkinson and accompanied by Denise Myers, for this special presentation.
Added: 2295 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 2780.91
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This week's sermon by Rev. Paul Johnsen is based on John 15:1-8. God is the Vine Grower. Jesus is the Vine. We are the Branches and we are to bear good fruit.
Added: 2274 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 842.27
Views: 2075
God's Golf Bag The golfer is equipped with an appropriate club for every shot, every situation. So is God. And He wants us to have His clubs in our bags for the day-to-day circumstances of life. Scripture: Galatians 5:16-26
Added: 1117 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1627.43
Views: 729
Sermon: "The Math of Prayer" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-18 We don't typically come to church for math lessons, but it will be important for us this Sunday to discover just what equals what.
Added: 818 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1237.34
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Rev. Sarah Johnsen is preaching. Her sermon is based on Luke 2: 22-40. "At that moment she (Anna) came, and began to praise God and speak about the child to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem." Who would think that a child born to poor parents would be the Savior of the world? Anna, an 84-year-old prophet knew it and she told everyone who would listen.
Added: 2407 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 1229.66
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From the earliest acts of worship recorded in the Old Testament to this coming Sunday morning, the issue is always, "What Comes Between You and God." David Kalas will share his message, based on Leviticus 2:1-16 and Luke 18:18-30.
Added: 1245 days ago by Videos@First
Runtime: 2575.07
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