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This is a youth group that decided to do something incredibly creative at their church in Europe. They have on white gloves and are performing the song "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns in front of a black light. NOTE: The opening introduction gives a Scriptural background without visuals.
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Our Advent focus this Sunday is "PEACE... strength to hold on." The scripture text is Matthew 3:11-12. In the sanctuary service Rev. Sarah Johnsen will be preaching. Special music by Ross Bilodeau.
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The Placekicker's Principle He is not the highest paid player. He is not the one most sought after for autographs. Yet time and again, he is the one who wins the game for the team. He is the placekicker, and he is our patron saint this Sunday.
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Joshua Mwirigi, a graduate of KenyaHELP talks about "Running the Race" in Mission of the Church Matters sermon series. Joshua has been in Green Bay for 14 months as part of an agricultural exchange program. He has also worked in NH and FL during the exchange and will be back in Kenya soon.
Added: 2244 days ago by bcantrall
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Rev. Dave Wilkinson preaches on the theme "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus." Scripture text included Hebrews 9:11-15 and Acts 4:5-12. The Bell Choir plays "In Christ Alone."
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Sermon Title: "Testimony from the Grip" Scripture: Matthew 26:69-75 Preacher: Rev. David Kalas This morning, Pastor David combines with Peter, Jonah, Moses, and Paul to share his testimony about God's love in his life. Special music by Peg Manuel and Ellen Hanchek.
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Staying warm during the winter months is a priority for many, but for one member of our church, he's made keeping other people warm, his priority. Ted Johnsen has the story.
Added: 2759 days ago by ted.johnsen
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In this First News feature Ted Johnsen interviews Kim Insley about Dinner for a Dollar on the UWGB Campus.
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Deacon Dave Wilkinson gives the morning message, "Mark: A Real Learner."
Added: 2087 days ago by bcantrall
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Sermon Series: "Three Words from Jesus" Sermon Title: "The Mission" Scripture: Acts 1:1-8 Preacher: Rev. David Kalas The parents celebrate when their toddler takes his or her first step. But the beauty and achievement of a single step is short-lived, for both the child and the parent want a second step and a third. Taking one step isn't quite walking for a child. Or for a church. Special music by the Sanctuary Choir.
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Sermon: "Christianity is a Rel..." Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Matthew 22:34-40 To categorize is to understand. As soon as something has been identified as a virus rather than bacteria, for example, we instantly know important things about it. But then to miscategorize is to misunderstand. And that is just what has happened to Christianity.
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This homily, "The Way in the Manger," is from the 11:00 service Christmas Eve, 12/24/08. Rev. Dave Wilkinson is preaching.
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Runtime: 1148.98
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Sermon titled "Chicks Run Wild", with Sarah Johnsen preaching, based on the scripture from Luke 13: 31-35.
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Sermon titled "And It Was Good." Epiphany Sermon Series: Walking the Green Bible Trail Week 1.
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Sermon Title: "Anatomy of a Conversion: The Night the Lights Went Out" Scripture: Exodus 25:31-40 Preacher: Rev. David Kalas A lot of folks are afraid of the dark. And we mean something undesirable when we refer to being "in the dark." It's important, therefore, to avoid the mistake they made back in the kingdom of Judah on "The Night the Lights Went Out." Special music by Kristy Shuck and Aaron Duke.
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Dan Duke shares the Advent message at Fresh Bread of Joy & Love.
Added: 2016 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 1063.86
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Shannon Mobley (while on mission with our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania) reads the book "I Wanted to Know All About God" to the children of the church.
Added: 2102 days ago by PilviskiaiUMC
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FUMCGB youth and adult chaperones camped out at Lifest 2008 in Oshkosh and enjoyed some great music and fellowship.
Added: 2900 days ago by bcantrall
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We continue an Epiphany Sermon Series called "Unselfish Prayer." This week Paul Johnsen is preaching on the theme "Good to Give Thanks" based on 1 Thessalonians 5: 12-22.
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Theme: "Christmas for Theophilus" Sermon: "Carrying the Savior" Preacher: David Kalas Scripture: Luke 1:26-38 Artists, sculptors, poets, and songwriters have all tried to capture the beauty and poignancy of Mary's story. We will contemplate her experience together this Sunday, as well as find our own profound resonance with it. Special music by the Bell Choir
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