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Sermon Title: The Broad Shoulders of Prayer Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Exodus 28:1-12 It is both the great weight and the great relief of a person’s prayer life, and the High Priest in the Old Testament gives us a marvelous and memorable picture of what it looks like. Special music by Angela's Angels
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"The Wonderful Cross" was shared by JAM at Fresh Bread worship on Palm Sunday, 2012.
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At Fresh Bread worship Deacon Dave Wilkinson shares a message about Barnabas: A Real Encourager. The JAM Band plays "That's What Faith Can Do."
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Sermon: "The Best Little Church Around" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Matthew 18:15-20 Pastor David says there is no church he'd rather serve. Still, this Sunday, he admits that there's an even better church right nearby. Special music by the Bell Choir.
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Sermon titled "A Time to Pause" by Rev. Paul Johnsen.
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30 Hour Famine promo
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Rev. Paul Johnsen preaches an Advent sermon on HOPE based on Matthew 24:36-44.
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Our sister church, Pilviskiai UMC in Lithuania, sent three short Easter videos showing Easter Eggs in their church.
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This video by was shown in Fresh Bread worship on Father's Day 2012.
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KenyaHELP graduate Purity G. talks about her life and how she was able to finish school with the help of faith, prayer and KenyaHELP. She almost dropped out of school permanently because of inability to pay school fees in Meru, Kenya. She received high marks and will be going to University next year. A truly inspirational story about a young girl who excels in school and in life. See for more information.
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Learn how you can support the work of UMCOR around the world.
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January 5 Rev. David Kalas “Heads Will Roll” Matthew 14:1-12 His name is notorious in Scripture, yet his example is a cautionary tale to us. It's an ancient drama starring Herod, with a cast of strong characters featuring John the Baptist, Herodias, and Salome. Herod handles it badly, and so in the end "Heads Will Roll."
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One of our college students is heading to South America on a medical mission trip. Hear her story.
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"The Gift" is a message that invites viewers to embrace the idea of giving themselves to others.
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Shannon Mobley was in mission with our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania and led a class for children.
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Confirmation students share their recent Mission Trip experience to Minneapolis.
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Sermon: "What God Wants to Know: Shopping in the Wrong Aisle" Scripture: Luke 24: 1-12 Perhaps you've had the experience yourself. Maybe in a grocery store, a hardware store, or one of the "big box" stores. It's the experience of looking for something in the wrong place. And it's just what some people do with Jesus. Special music by the Sanctuary Choir
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It's part of the first Sunday of every month for us. The bread, the cup, and the celebration together of the Lord's Supper. On this World Communion Sunday, we take a new look at the ancient sacrament. Rev. David Kalas preaches "A Meal in the Midst" based on Luke 22:14-19.
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One of the all-time favorite hymns will be our theme -- and our role model -- as we explore what prompts our souls to sing. This Sunday, Rev. David Kalas will preach "Then Sings My Soul." His sermon will be based on Psalm 98. Special music by Michael Stefanek and Debbie DeGroot.
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John Wesley outlined the life of discipleship in his General Rules. He wrote about the rules, practiced them, taught them and passed them on to us. Bishop Rueben Job has put Wesley’s rules into language we can understand in his book, "Three Simple Rules: A Wesleyan Way of Living." It serves as the foundation for our September sermon series. This weekend Rev. Sarah Johnsen begins with an Introduction to John Wesley’s simple rules of living. Scripture: Colossians 3: 12-17 The Bell Choir plays at the beginning.
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