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Our guest preacher is Rev. Marilyn Brenchley from Kenya. Her sermon, "Butterflies," is based on John 12:23-26 and 2 Corinthians 5:16-21.
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Confirmation students share their recent Mission Trip experience to Minneapolis.
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"Jesus: The Real Deal" based on passages from Matthew. Message: Rev. Dave Wilkinson "Real People, Real Life, Real Faith" Series Week 1 Fresh Bread First United Methodist Church Green Bay, WI September 12, 2010
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This video shows a baptism renewal in the Jordan River for those who chose immersion. (January 2009)
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Our future is found in the ancient texts of our Holy Bible. This summer in our 8:00 and 9:15 a.m. worship services we go back to those texts so we can look forward, catching a glimpse of the Kingdom of God. This Sunday Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching on Luke 9: 51-62, where Jesus interviews prospective followers.
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On May 23 Barb Hayes was recognized for her 22 years of ministry with our children. Barb left her position as Director of Children's Minstries in April to pursue a career in realestate.
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Sermon Series: "In a Moment We'll Sing" Title: "Thou Preparest for Me" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Jonah 1:1-17
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Runtime: 1710.81
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In this mountaintop experience, Jesus' true divine nature and authority are declared. As we prepare for Lent, what voices are we listening to? This Sunday Deacon Dave Wilkinson shares his message, "This Is My Son, Listen to Him" based on Mark 9:2-13. Special music by Heidi Strong and Donna Wilkinson.
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Runtime: 1521.32
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Series Theme: "Teach Us to Pray" Sermon: "Deliver Us From What?" Preacher: Rev. Dave Wilkinson Scripture: Romans 8:31-39 We pray for this every Sunday, yet what is evil and how can we be delivered from it?
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Theme: "Christmas for Theophilus" Sermon: "What I Want You to Know" Preacher: David Kalas Scripture: Luke 1:1-4 Luke is the master storyteller who is responsible for so much of what we know and love about the Christmas story. He wrote his Gospel for an individual -- a man named Theophilus -- and during the Sundays of this Advent season, Pastor David will explore what Luke wanted Theophilus to know.
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The congregation of Pilviskiai UMC in Lithuania sing "Spirit of the Living God" on Pentecost Sunday.
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Sunday, May 25 New Sermon Series begins: "In a Moment We'll Sing: Surround Sound" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Psalm 96 Some things we do because we love to do them. Other things we may not love to do, but we do them because they're the right thing to do. Still others we do because they're good for us. And still others we do for the sake of someone we love. And then there's singing…
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Sermon Title: "All That He Is: Natural Light" Scripture: John 9:1-25 Preacher: Rev. David Kalas In our scientific age, we are coming to appreciate more profoundly the power and importance of light. But long before we discovered color spectrums, light years, the theory of relativity, or lasers, Scripture already understood the significance of light. It's the first thing God created. And it's one of the things Jesus says He is.
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United Methodist Pastor Adam Hamilton shares some background on what the setting probably was like for the Last Supper. (from the video series "24 Hours That Changed the World")
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Runtime: 227.36
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"Emmanuel" at Fresh Bread just before worship service on Dec 20, 2009. This has some close-ups of the talented JAM musicians praising God by playing a beautiful Christmas song during the last Sunday of Advent.
Added: 2605 days ago by bcantrall
Runtime: 149.00
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Ecumenical Partnership for Housing (EPH) is featured in this First News video by Ted Johnsen.
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Runtime: 114.48
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Rev. David Kalas is preaching. His sermon, "What We Do To One Another: Holy Hellos," is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28.
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In this video, part of the "Out Live Your Life" series, Max Lucado talks about Making Life Count and and shares real stories of making a difference.
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Lots of youth groups hold car washes, but some ‘tween volunteers add a new twist … providing VIP treatment for residents of assisted-living facilities. Reed Galin reports for UMTV.
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Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching. His sermon, "A Labor of Love," is based on Jeremiah 18: 1-11.
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