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Theme: "Enjoined to Enjoy" Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:11-21 Some people don't do Thanksgiving well because they are not expressing their gratitude to God. Others of us, however, make a more subtle mistake: we diminish our gratitude with devotion. It's a peculiar but common affliction of the earnest, and we will seek a cure for it this Thanksgiving season. Special music by Heidi Strong.
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This Easter Sunday Rev. Paul Johnsen is preaching "An Idle Tale" from Luke 24:1-12. Courtney Sherman sings "My Redeemer Lives" from "The Messiah."
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On Father's Day this video was shown in worship. Our new Lead Pastor David Kalas talks about his family.
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in this First News feature Ted Johnsen interviews Dave Zochert about his near death experience.
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In a Chinese modern dance competition on TV one very unique couple won one of the top prizes. The lady,in her 30's, was a dancer who had trained since she was a little girl. Later in life, she lost her entire left arm in an accident and fell into a state of depression for a few years. Someone then asked her to coach a Children's dancing group. From that point on, she realized that she could not forget dancing. She still loved to dance and wanted to dance again. So, she started to do some of her old routines, but, having lost her arm, she had also lost her balance. It took a while before she could even make simple turns and spins without falling. Then she heard of a man in his 20s who had lost a leg in an accident. He had also fallen into the usual denial, depression and anger type of emotional roller coaster. But, she was determined to find him and persuade him to dance with her.. He had never danced, and to dance with one leg....are you joking with me? "No way!" But, she didn't give up, and he reluctantly agreed thinking, "I have nothing else to do anyway." She started to teach him dancing. The two broke up a few times because he had no concept of using muscle, how to control his body, and knew none of the basic things about dancing. When she became frustrated and lost patience with him, he would walk out. Eventually, they came back together and started training seriously. They hired a choreographer to design routines for them. She would fly high (held by him) with both arms (a sleeve for an arm) flying in the air. He could bend horizontally supported by one leg with her leaning on him, etc. In the competition, as you will see, they dance beautifully and they legitimately won the competition."
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This video shows part of a wedding taking place at our sister church in Pilviskiai, Lithuania. District Superintendent John Campbell is officiating. "Here I Am, Lord" is sung in Lithuanian.
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Paul Johnsen gave the morning message at Fresh Bread as part of the series Five Practices of Fruitful Living.
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Sermon: "God's Word to Reasonably Good People" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Matthew 5:17-32, 38-48 Jesus speaks to a lot of different audiences. Some are sick and some outcast. Some are devoted, and others antagonistic. Some are religious, and others live in sin. And then there is His audience in the Sermon on the Mount: you and me. Special music by the Sanctuary Choir.
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Diane Wilson talks about her story and Unity Hospice. The Mission of the Church Matters Week 8.
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Lynn Jung talks about "What to Pack" for Kenya for the Food for Thought Children's Time at Fresh Bread. Also Comissioning of Jeanne Jung and Lynn Jung for Mission Trip to Meru, Kenya Fresh Bread First United Methodist Church Green Bay, WI July 25, 2010
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Staying warm during the winter months is a priority for many, but for one member of our church, he's made keeping other people warm, his priority. Ted Johnsen has the story.
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Learn how you can support the work of UMCOR around the world.
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This video from Chuck Knows Church on the Hymnal was shared at Fresh Bread Worship on 10/27/13.
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Sermon: "Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind: Nameless Saint" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: John 6:1-13 We don't even know his name, but he is the key to the one miracle of Jesus reported in all four Gospels. And he is an example to you and me.
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Theme: "For the Love Beyond the Walls" Scripture: John 20:19-23 The song writer prays: "What brings a smile to You makes my heart lighter, too; hate all that You despise, and love the things You love." Our particular emphasis this Sunday will be the challenge to love the things He loves. Special music by Ted Yoder.
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Sermon Series: "In a Moment We'll Sing: Songs for the Storms" Preacher: Rev. David Kalas Scripture: Matthew 7:24-27; Mark 4:36-41; Matthew 14:22-33; Psalm 107:23-32 We watch the forecast, and we try to steer clear of storms. Our driving, our boating, our flying all try to navigate around storms. But life brings some storms that cannot be avoided. And this Sunday we'll consider our "Songs for the Storms."
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Pastor David says that he's a pizza lover. But there's more than one kind of pizza lover -- or for that matter, music lover, sports lover...or worship lover. Which kind are you?
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What the healthcare reform needs is an informed debate, not a shouting match. President Obama reaches out to faith-based organizations. First News is produced by Ted Johnsen.
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This Sunday we had one combined worship service at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Rev. Grace Imathiu was our guest preacher. Rev. Imathiu served as Senior Pastor from 2000-2002. Her sermon,"The Day After," is based on Isaiah 63:7-9 and Matthew 2:13-23.
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Fresh Bread Message, "Witnesss and Action," based on Acts 1:1-8 -- Jerry Bannon - 8/29/2010
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