Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of files can be uploaded? .asf, .avi, .flv, .divx,.mpg, .mp4, .wmv, .qt, .mov and more

2. How long can videos be? OCV does not limit the length of your videos. We do recommend that your files are under 200mb in length, but it is not a requirement. In general we do not recommend extremely long videos. Most Internet viewers will not watch the entire video when it is much longer than 15-20 minutes. To reduce the file size of your videos, please export them to 320x240 prior to uploading your video. Reducing the dimensions of your videos will allow you to upload your videos faster.

3. How should I use the Channels? Channels can be customized by your organization. When you upload a video, it is recommended that you upload the video to 1-3 channels. This helps users find your video by searching within the custom channels.

4. What are Groups? Groups are formed by users within your custom video library. Users can upload and share videos to your group. Groups can be setup to allow anyone to join or can be setup to require invitation first. Most organizations DO NOT use groups.

5. I uploaded a video and I do not see it, what happened? Every video that is uploaded to your video library must be approved by your administrator. An email is created and sent to your admin for each video that is uploaded. Your video will not show up until the video has been approved. This helps prevent inappropriate videos from being displayed in your library.

For any other help questions, please contact us. Thank your for using