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Short video snippets from the 2010 Confirmation Retreat at Camp Blue Lake.
Added: 2638 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 114.97
Views: 2904
Promotional Video for the Bicentennial Celebration of Methodism in Alabama. This celebration is a joint veture of the AWF and North Alabama Conferences. All are invited to attend. More information is at
Added: 3325 days ago by matthew12
Runtime: 89.99
Views: 4092
Dr. James Elfird leads the Bible Study: "Is Morality Still Relevant?" This session occurred June 7, 2010.
Added: 2505 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 2844.42
Views: 4373
Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster gives a overview of General Conference 2008. Video created by Dauphin Way UMC, Mobile, AL.
Added: 3309 days ago by dauphinway2
Runtime: 203.00
Views: 5096
To compliment our "Deal or No Deal" message series at First United Methodist Church of Niceville, this video was created/shown for the first message: "Deal or No Deal: Pride or Humility?"
Added: 3137 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 140.00
Views: 4992
This week the new pews for the Sanctuary renovation project were delivered and are being one by one pieced together. The carpet as well as the cross installed on the platform.
Added: 2659 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 0.03
Views: 3778
Taylor Haugen Funeral, Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at First United Methodist Church of Niceville, FL.
Added: 3123 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 2841.00
Views: 6610
Meet the new Bishop of the Alabama - West Florida Area, Bishop Paul L. Leeland. This video is from and was used during Bishop Leeland's time as an episcopal candidate.
Added: 3201 days ago by MereMere
Runtime: 708.00
Views: 5375
Video shown at the 2011 Annual Conference Opening Worship profiling how Cornerstone UMC in Auburn, AL was planted, what it took to grow, and how AWFUMC congregations can help to grow other new church starts.
Added: 2169 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 129.34
Views: 3085
This is a six week series based on 4 simple truths about L.I.F.E.: Life in Christ; Intentional Life; Fruitful Life; Exceptional Life.
Added: 3156 days ago by
Runtime: 29.96
Views: 5872
A collection of images & video snippets from this year's Spring Fling event in Panama City, FL. Spring Fling is the AWFUMC's single largest youth event during the year. The featured speaker this year was Paul Gourdine, of Dexter Ave. UMC; our featured band was Ohio Avenue.
Added: 2919 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 271.20
Views: 3412
This video showcases the work of the United Methodist Children's Home of Alabama and West Florida. This is Shayne & Mandy's story.
Added: 2526 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 178.26
Views: 6063
Interviews and scenes from the 2013 Service Day during the Annual Conference.
Added: 1060 days ago by Skaak
Runtime: 596.60
Views: 1622
As part of our "Five Practices of a Caring Community" church-wide study, this video is personal challenge from Lisa Ausley for the "Radical Hospitality" follow-up study.
Added: 2918 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 136.00
Views: 4955
When your church fully participates in conference connectional giving, your mission work is multiplied! Find out how Blue Lake Camp is serving others in the name of Christ. 2009.
Added: 2718 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 247.20
Views: 5591
First United Methodist Church of Niceville's Spring 2008 message series (March 30 - May 11) was "Urban Legends". Seven videos were created in-house using the "Mac vs. PC" theme to augment the series. Description: "Urban legends, while they have the ring of truth to them, upon examination, do not hold up. There are also spiritual urban legends. This series takes a look at widely held truths that actually aren't true at all! Learn to use Biblical principles to dispel myths and clarify what concepts are keepers, and which aren't. We will explore common thoughts that people have about spiritual matters and see if they hold up upon closer examination as we filter the belief through God's Word." To listen to the pastors' message audios online, visit
Added: 3275 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 107.00
Views: 4944
This is a video presentation about
Added: 3501 days ago by ocvadmin
Runtime: 112.98
Views: 3242
This video was created to emphasis Every Member in Ministry and to encourage them to get involved at Frazer. Video produced by Rob Webster.
Added: 3127 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 421.56
Views: 6398
Added: 2163 days ago by 3153audubon
Runtime: 183.59
Views: 3509
To compliment our "Deal or No Deal" message series at First United Methodist Church of Niceville, this video was created/shown for the third message: "Deal or No Deal: Envy or Gratitude?"
Added: 3127 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 163.00
Views: 5834
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