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What church-life might look like with a "pay as you go" system instead of tithing. Created and used during our annual stewardship campaign.
Added: 2168 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 168.00
Views: 2628
Jump In!
Added: 1588 days ago by bluelake
Runtime: 151.00
Views: 1279
This video highlights the Central Conference Pension Initiative (CCPI). 2009
Added: 1789 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 130.80
Views: 3271
As part of our 2011 Stewardship campaign, the ministry of the Bargain Box is featured.
Added: 1159 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 142.00
Views: 2978
After surveying and marking the area earlier this week, workers began digging, moving, dumping, spreading and compressing dirt to lay the necessary "groundwork" for building our Children's Building at First United Methodist Church of Niceville. It's a little noisy but very exciting. Check back for further brief video clips of weekly progress!
Added: 2093 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 51.88
Views: 3435
UMTV spot covering Lisa Pierce's Walk Across Alabama for Poverty Awareness. 2009. Video from United Methodist TV - Nashville, TN
Added: 1735 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 110.78
Views: 1593
Video vignette about The Upper Room
Added: 1427 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 260.04
Views: 1078
When Frazer was preparing to start construction of the new Wesley Hall that now houses the Contemporary Worship, parking was a big factor. Fact is, we still had the same amount of people, and a lot less parking. This spot was put together to make sure that everyone knew where the overflow parking was and how important it was to leave the closer spots to the church open for visitors.
Added: 2331 days ago by FrazerUMC
Runtime: 124.12
Views: 2681
YOuth groups who participated with Alabama Rural Ministry during Martin Luther King weekend. The weekend was spent doing local home repair, having evening discussions and events, and worshipping with Bowen UMC in Tuskegee.
Added: 2275 days ago by alabamaruralministry
Runtime: 195.00
Views: 3524
Interview with Mr. Antonius Barnes, a member of the lay delegation to the 2008 General Conferece. Mr. Barnes talks about his experiences thus far at General Conference. Sunday, April 27.
Added: 2186 days ago by meredyth
Runtime: 75.00
Views: 2423
The Middle Youth of First United Methodist Church of Niceville, FL were challenged that if they had 100 signed up for Blitz, that there would be a drawing: 1st place--a ride around the Fellowship Hall with Pastor Ausley on his motorcycle; 2nd place--a ride around the Fellowship Hall with Perry Milton on his scooter; and 3rd--student rides on Tyler Fuller's bicycle. On Wednesday, March 18, the Middle School youth gathered together to witness this fun event! This video is Rev. Ausley's grand entrance...
Added: 1859 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 0.07
Views: 2930
Dr. David Stevens speaks to those gathered at the Laity Banquet for the 2010 AWF Annual Conference.
Added: 1406 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 2158.73
Views: 2205
As part of our "Overwhelmed" message series, Jennifer Simmons shares her testimony about finding direction after a divorce. This video was shown as part of our "Overwhelmed" message series, on Sunday, October 18, 2009.
Added: 1647 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 273.00
Views: 3340
When your church fully participates in conference connectional giving, your mission work is multiplied! Find out how Blue Lake Camp is serving others in the name of Christ. 2009.
Added: 1619 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 247.20
Views: 2469
Short video snippets from the 2010 Confirmation Retreat at Camp Blue Lake.
Added: 1538 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 114.97
Views: 1421
Interview with young adult Kim Woodfin at Annual Conference 2008
Added: 2150 days ago by jennyz
Runtime: 48.70
Views: 2736
Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen of house for sale. This home was donated to the church as part of the "Imagine" campaign to build our new Children's Building. For more information, see:
Added: 1802 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 149.56
Views: 2138
This brief video describes the propsal to move the annual conference to a direct bill system. Every lay and clergy member of the annual conference is encouraged to view this video.
Added: 1805 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 481.66
Views: 3206
First United Methodist Church of Niceville's Spring 2008 message series (March 30 - May 11) was "Urban Legends". Seven videos were created in-house using the "Mac vs. PC" theme to augment the series. Description: "Urban legends, while they have the ring of truth to them, upon examination, do not hold up. There are also spiritual urban legends. This series takes a look at widely held truths that actually aren't true at all! Learn to use Biblical principles to dispel myths and clarify what concepts are keepers, and which aren't. We will explore common thoughts that people have about spiritual matters and see if they hold up upon closer examination as we filter the belief through God's Word." To listen to the pastors' message audios online, visit
Added: 2172 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 119.00
Views: 2682
This is the first week of the Sanctuary Renovation process at First United Methodist Church of Niceville, FL. Workers have been very busy removing pews, carpet and the platform materials in preparation. View a photo gallery of continued progress in the Middle School area as well. Worship will occur in our Fellowship Hall through January 2010.
Added: 1665 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 83.90
Views: 3029
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