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A message from Lead Pastor, Rurel Ausley, sharing his heart and thoughts as we conclude our message series on "Noise"...
Added: 1980 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 132.00
Views: 4171
This video, developed as a workshop resource for congregations or individuals, provides background information of the issues of serving in combat and practical ways for individuals or congregations to reach out in love & support. The UMEA has purchased 1,000 copies and our annual conference communications director can order copies for $1 each with a minimum order of 10 copies. Please contact the conference resource office for more information.
Added: 2402 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 338.97
Views: 5723
Insulation for our new Children's Building was easily lifted to the upper level of the building.
Added: 2757 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 131.69
Views: 4712
This brief video describes the propsal to move the annual conference to a direct bill system. Every lay and clergy member of the annual conference is encouraged to view this video.
Added: 2722 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 481.66
Views: 5542
Chumuckla UMC Jay Florida
Added: 3246 days ago by awfumc
Runtime: 193.00
Views: 4032
A short instructional video on the proper procedures for voting during this year's Annual Conference.
Added: 1982 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 222.57
Views: 3369
An overview of some of the many ongoing missions in Mobile, AL that work and advocate for the poor in the area.
Added: 1971 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 448.09
Views: 5657
Small Group Testimony - Paulamarie Stevens
Added: 1885 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 87.00
Views: 2621
First United Methodist Church of Niceville's Spring 2008 message series (April 6 - May 11) was "Urban Legends". Seven videos were created in-house using the "Mac vs. PC" theme to augment the series. Description: "Urban legends, while they have the ring of truth to them, upon examination, do not hold up. There are also spiritual urban legends. This series takes a look at widely held truths that actually aren't true at all! Learn to use Biblical principles to dispel myths and clarify what concepts are keepers, and which aren't. We will explore common thoughts that people have about spiritual matters and see if they hold up upon closer examination as we filter the belief through God's Word." To listen to the pastors' message audios online, visit
Added: 3092 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 171.00
Views: 4011
This video was made for the 2009 AWF Annual Conference to showcase a unique partnership between the Auburn University & Tuskegee University Wesley Foundations.
Added: 2698 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 374.42
Views: 5781
God Bless the United States Military
Added: 3239 days ago by 187vet
Runtime: 230.00
Views: 7283
Mary and Joe Sirico share an update about beginning their language study and ministry in Rome, Italy, as missionaries from Niceville United Methodist Church (via Greater Europe Mission).
Added: 2387 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 115.00
Views: 4604
video advertisement for the Rethink Church initiative.
Added: 2673 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 198.07
Views: 5552
In this video profile of Samson FUMC, we highlight how their children & youth programs work to exemplify the spirit of Nurturing Disciples.
Added: 2286 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 229.25
Views: 6001
This video was created for the sermon series called "Back to the Future". Every week we traveled back in time to meet some of the founding fathers of the Methodist church. Produced by Rob Webster, and assisted by countless others in production.
Added: 3247 days ago by FrazerUMC
Runtime: 259.96
Views: 6105
CSI Pauly Perrette is the new spokesperson for Imagine No Malaria
Added: 1974 days ago by 3153audubon
Runtime: 30.08
Views: 3297
Kevin Kelly's Synopsis of "Radical Hospitality" for the Five Practices of a Caring Community study.
Added: 2735 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 234.00
Views: 3936
An interview with Allison and Steve Posell shown during "40 Days of Community", as a testimony of ministering to one another in times of need. First United Methodist Church of Niceville, Florida.
Added: 3200 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 213.00
Views: 6764
As part of our "Five Practices of a Caring Community" church-wide study, this video is personal challenge from Brice Early for the "Risk-Taking Mission and Service" follow-up study.
Added: 2735 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 215.00
Views: 3964
Choir Retreat from St Paul UMC to Blue Lake
Added: 3240 days ago by 187vet
Runtime: 266.00
Views: 5143
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