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On Friday, February 13, welding occurred around the top of the building.
Added: 1983 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 37.29
Views: 2609
Chumuckla UMC Jay Florida
Added: 2425 days ago by awfumc
Runtime: 193.00
Views: 2225
Rev. Early discusses CCPI in her homeland.
Added: 1153 days ago by 3153audubon
Runtime: 188.38
Views: 1490
More information about Student leadership Institute (SLI) may be found at
Added: 2315 days ago by MereMere
Runtime: 203.34
Views: 2516
A short video describing ARM's 2009 Poverty Awareness Week and "Lisa In The Box." Lisa lived in the box until the ministry raised $10,000.
Added: 1714 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 183.30
Views: 2728
Greg McKinnon's Synopsis of "Passionate Worship" for the Five Practices of a Caring Community study.
Added: 1914 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 212.00
Views: 2302
Video created by Rob Webster for the Man Vs. Wilderness sermon series.
Added: 2426 days ago by FrazerUMC
Runtime: 71.70
Views: 3203
Our Children's building is starting to feel like the building it will become--with walls and windows, ramp and stairs and the concrete floor poured out farther into the "rounded" area of the building. Things are going up quickly now!
Added: 2089 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 87.79
Views: 1942
Commercial for the New Saint James UMC (Montgomery, AL) Worship Centers & Children's Area
Added: 2089 days ago by
Runtime: 31.00
Views: 1092
Save The Date promotional video for SLI 2009. For more information, contact Nick Mielke at
Added: 2130 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 42.98
Views: 1142
Recognition of Retiring Clergy at the 2010 AWF Annual Conference.
Added: 1502 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 2445.58
Views: 2298
Bishop James E. Swanson, Sr. preaches to those gathered for the opening worship at SBC21 at Huntingdon College. [editor's note: apologies for not having every piece of this together. we ran into technical difficulties in the recording & importing process.]
Added: 1452 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 2423.79
Views: 1825
Plumbing lines and concrete floor areas are evident in the construction progress of our Children's Building at First United Methodist Church of Niceville, FL.
Added: 2104 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 42.52
Views: 2958
Commercial advertising our Winter Retreat. Theme is "More than meets the eye" based off the movie/toys/cartoon series "Transformers." We filmed it on a cheap little camera and edited it with Windows Movie Maker.
Added: 2420 days ago by dauphinway2
Runtime: 131.00
Views: 1667
Video demonstrating the work done by UMCOR in Darfur.
Added: 2085 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 307.43
Views: 3589
Amazing daily progress is visible as the walls are layered higher and higher by masonry workers, with window areas enclosed in some areas. The "rounded" part of the building is more visible, and the stairs are now concrete. Be sure to check often online and on site, as progress is developing at a quick rate visibly now.
Added: 2083 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 152.33
Views: 2702
To compliment our "Deal or No Deal" message series at First United Methodist Church of Niceville, this video was created/shown for the third message: "Deal or No Deal: Envy or Gratitude?"
Added: 2123 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 163.00
Views: 3079
Union UMC Dadeville Alabama
Added: 2425 days ago by awfumc
Runtime: 194.00
Views: 2603
This video communicates our Supper on Saturday ministry, our 4th Advent Missions Project for volunteering of time.
Added: 2043 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 189.00
Views: 2663
A video to demonstrate opportunities to find common ground, make friends and share the Lord (or not) in our daily lives, routine/rut.
Added: 2264 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 344.00
Views: 2733
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