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The Refuge Student Ministries at DWUMC Worship Jam commercial
Added: 4025 days ago by dauphinway2
Runtime: 29.00
Views: 9639
First United Methodist Church of Niceville's Spring 2008 message series (March 30 - May 11) was "Urban Legends". Seven videos were created in-house using the "Mac vs. PC" theme to augment the series. Description: "Urban legends, while they have the ring of truth to them, upon examination, do not hold up. There are also spiritual urban legends. This series takes a look at widely held truths that actually aren't true at all! Learn to use Biblical principles to dispel myths and clarify what concepts are keepers, and which aren't. We will explore common thoughts that people have about spiritual matters and see if they hold up upon closer examination as we filter the belief through God's Word." To listen to the pastors' message audios online, visit
Added: 3941 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 107.00
Views: 7666
Video expressing appreciation to those that helped contribute to the Blue Lake Campaign.
Added: 3538 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 208.96
Views: 9503
Entering the Children's Building reception/check-in area, construction workers are busy working on necessary infrastructure/conduits within the walls and ceilings.
Added: 3653 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 48.27
Views: 8422
Our Children's building is starting to feel like the building it will become--with walls and windows, ramp and stairs and the concrete floor poured out farther into the "rounded" area of the building. Things are going up quickly now!
Added: 3759 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 87.79
Views: 6546
The following video is a presentation from the Alabama - West Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church in regards to the mission work related to Hurricane Ivan in 2004.
Added: 4096 days ago by halverson
Runtime: 637.00
Views: 11042
reflecting back on the ministries of 2008
Added: 3745 days ago by
Runtime: 313.69
Views: 9983
catapult Conference
Added: 3250 days ago by kcriley
Runtime: 57.62
Views: 10901
An overview of some of the many ongoing missions in Mobile, AL that work and advocate for the poor in the area.
Added: 2819 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 448.09
Views: 9610
As part of our "Reckless" Message Series, Larry Lord shares his story of his son and his homecoming.
Added: 3071 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 299.00
Views: 8675
A message from Lead Pastor, Rurel Ausley, sharing his heart and thoughts as we conclude our message series on "Noise"...
Added: 2829 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 132.00
Views: 6996
Rurel Ausley encourages our church family to participate in a small group in order to experience real growth in being connected to Christ in community.
Added: 2799 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 83.00
Views: 5685
This week the new pews for the Sanctuary renovation project were delivered and are being one by one pieced together. The carpet as well as the cross installed on the platform.
Added: 3324 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 0.03
Views: 6217
Park Memorial UMC Troy Alabama
Added: 4094 days ago by awfumc
Runtime: 206.00
Views: 7891
Port St Joe First UMC Port St Joe Florida
Added: 4094 days ago by awfumc
Runtime: 170.00
Views: 7908
Please visit to find out how you can help the people of Haiti following the earthquake on Jan. 12
Added: 3317 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 322.22
Views: 8284
At the close of VBS 2008 "Power Lab" at First United Methodist Church of Niceville, testimonies from volunteers and children were shown to show appreciation for volunteers and to promote involvement in the next year's VBS.
Added: 3892 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 81.00
Views: 9096
Commercial advertising our Winter Retreat. Theme is "More than meets the eye" based off the movie/toys/cartoon series "Transformers." We filmed it on a cheap little camera and edited it with Windows Movie Maker.
Added: 4090 days ago by dauphinway2
Runtime: 131.00
Views: 5188
As our church is launching new small groups to study the "Radical" message series, this video was created to encourage people to complete the survey and get connected.
Added: 2740 days ago by skesl
Runtime: 113.00
Views: 6190
A brief video explanation of an upcoming initiative to revitalize Government Street UMC (aka, The Beehive) in Mobile, AL.
Added: 3327 days ago by lukelucas
Runtime: 222.74
Views: 7676
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