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We will be starting a new sermon series entitled, "God's Plan for Purity," on Sunday, August 17. In this four-week series we will look at the biblical guidelines for purity and examine the destructive results of ignoring these guidelines. The sermons will certainly be "G-Rated," so that nothing should be offensive to a second grade student, but the messages will be oriented toward adults and teens. If as a parent you would not feel comfortable having your child in the service, we encourage you to take advantage of the excellent children's programming offered at the 9:40 and 11:00 hours. August 17: “Truth or Consequences” August 24: “Free Love Isn’t Free” August 31: “Your Body, God’s Temple” September 7: “Taking Every Thought Captive”
Added: 4256 days ago by skesl
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This brief video describes the propsal to move the annual conference to a direct bill system. Every lay and clergy member of the annual conference is encouraged to view this video.
Added: 3975 days ago by lukelucas
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This video was created for the sermon series called "Back to the Future". Every week we traveled back in time to meet some of the founding fathers of the Methodist church. Produced by Rob Webster, and assisted by countless others in production.
Added: 4501 days ago by FrazerUMC
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Beth Ritenour shares her story (with clips from Wayne's story). This video was used to illustrate the message about "Till Death Us do Part" (final message of our "Happily Ever After" Series) at Niceville United Methodist Church on Sunday, February 14, 2010.
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Added: 3690 days ago by skesl
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Bishop James E. Swanson, Sr. preaches to those gathered for the opening worship at SBC21 at Huntingdon College. [editor's note: apologies for not having every piece of this together. we ran into technical difficulties in the recording & importing process.]
Added: 3527 days ago by lukelucas
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It seems every day major changes occur to our new Children's Building! On January 7, 2009, the 2nd floor concrete was poured and smoothed for the area that will become "Crosswalk"!
Added: 4102 days ago by skesl
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As we begin our "Connecting People to Christ" message series which will unpack our vision, mission and values, everyone is being encouraged to participate in a Life Group to discuss the application in our lives.
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Added: 3624 days ago by skesl
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Malaria plagues thousands in other countries every day
Tags // malaria outbreak
Added: 3228 days ago by 3153audubon
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When Frazer was preparing to start construction of the new Wesley Hall that now houses the Contemporary Worship, parking was a big factor. Fact is, we still had the same amount of people, and a lot less parking. This spot was put together to make sure that everyone knew where the overflow parking was and how important it was to leave the closer spots to the church open for visitors.
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Added: 4501 days ago by FrazerUMC
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Brice Early, Small Groups Minister at Niceville UMC, invites everyone to join a small group.
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Added: 3204 days ago by skesl
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Niceville UMC's "Supper on Saturday" (SOS) ministry serves about a 1000 meals to members of the community each week. This video describes the ministry and includes actual bus ministry footage of bringing children to church on Wednesdays and Sundays as well. This is one of several videos shared as part of our 2011 Stewardship focus called, "Open Hearts, Open Hands".
Added: 3346 days ago by skesl
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This video was created to emphasis Every Member in Ministry and to encourage them to get involved at Frazer. Video produced by Rob Webster.
Added: 4198 days ago by lukelucas
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