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Popular Tags:  New Orleans Katrina Youth Service Confirmation Homily Harrington Christ Message Witness Mission Deacon Bill Timmes Lucy pregnant Ricky announcement King-of-Kings shepherds criminals low-class thieves sinners chosen lowly poor second-coming calling evangelize relationship amazement listening busyness hectic Mary Conyers monastery silence sanctuary Bishop Noonan Feast Margaret-Mary question taxes Caesar plotting ulterior-motive Protestants Catholics nephew Ireland killed openness prayer Sacred-Heart Isaiah presence accosted Christmas-decorations Christmas-day Baptism-of-the-Lord incarnation Epiphany Baptismal-commitment belonging sending child-of-God entry brothers sisters individualism body-of-Christ community related reach-out ministers-of-hospitality sent difference Haiti make-a-difference environments neighborhoods work preach authentic-witness integrity gift disciples I-am-with-you John-Paul-II afraid community Sacred Triduum Lent Croteau Fr. Jarek Sztybel frightening-honesty shocking hating discipleship builder war king tower sufficient-resources staying-power ingredient initiation decision-day moral-seriousness integrity direct-path uncompromised personal-integrity loyalty cause great-living commitment higher-things Mother-Teresa character real self-centered enduring-character reservoir divine-strength confidence eternal-purpose good-beginning daily-building
More Tags:  Youth Summer Service Fr. Jarek Sztybel Thomas post-resurrection alive risen unconvinced My-Lord My-God believe physical-evidence evidence reality love experienced love-at-work parents gratitude peace others dignity corrupted steady-people brighten-days little-boy lilies dramatic unusual ordinary-people new-strength walk routine seek found-God forgiveness Steve Lincourt Esther parishioners Dominic Benjamin Pope-Francis Cat-scan cancer colon stage-4-cancer new-reality doubt fear hopelessness miraculous faith trust hope divine-mercy chance-encounters Matthew Kelly prayer Gospels Mass-journal reconciliation holiness changed-perceptions people judging brothers sisters Christ-centered mercy-agents parishioners moral-support letters calls doubt everyday human-experience plan remission Fr. Kiskama Lemor Jeopardy intelligence clever agile fast wise wisdom young rich respectful obedient kind gentle law-abiding yearning eternal-life humility sell-everything left sad 401k 503b let-go clinging-to obstacles bad-habit resentment bitter consumed justification attachment new-being new-reality trust confidence resources charity mediocrity minimum false-piety confessional sinners imperfect just-person release Fr. Mark Librizzi speaks about our desire to be right. In being right it is a good thing when it brings glory to God but troublesome when it is a self centered excercise of pride. It is worse yet when we force or bully others to accept our “rightness.” Such it was with the Pharisees as they erected walls around their “rightness” and how it is for us today when we do not say what is truly right that which brings glory to God despite the difficulty in doing so. Deacon Nemsy Gubatan 40’s old-technology on-time trains repent perish consequences patient confederate-soldier Robert Benjamin mercy God’s-mercy compassion justice never-gives-up pardon million-times awaken-the-soul Alexander-Great undeserved agents-of-mercy merciful channels JR Thorsen John Karen self-punishment donuts grandparents Bob Frances Tomcavage daily-miracles religion Catholic-tradition Georgetown Washington-DC sinner vice 500-lbs gluttony Gus-Lloyd repair temple not-in-control Advent Reflection CSW 2015 Fr. Jarek Sztybel survey-nations peaceful-living peace unachievable against-war for-peace against-fires fire-safety human-compassion cost-of-peace beatitudes peace-makers peace-wanters peace-wishers active-achievement peace-breakout positive-effort between-nations between-people doubt mistrust communication peace-making-tools hear understand talk listen respect-views contradicting-opinion concession all-wants give-up kings impoverished strained-relationships conflicting-desires honest-communication willing-concession sons-God resemble-God greatest-business greatest-need
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