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Popular Tags:  Irwin Zechariah humility message listen open-minded open-hearted little accepting two-faced trust faith hope will needs strength faith rest Confirmation Initiation Magi Three-Kings Nativity Epiphany gifts East Far-East symbol star sky important-occurrence traveled expense symbols nobility priesthood leaders lords poor-kid horse-trough carpenter stable savior king gratitude revelation film theatrics underwhelmed Eucharist presence freedom giving kingdom translation Latin Greek consubstantial Romam Missal transubstantiation ICEL Revised Roman Missal Deacon Bob Kreps Transfiguration Mount-Tabor glory Jesus Moses Elijah Abram rationally-driven scientific-methodology data reality immeasurable unexplainable mystic mystic-experience altered-state-of-consciousness ACS rational-consciousness unordinary-experiences Stonehenge exodus departure truth reality worship tents presence Deacon Bill Timmes Lucy pregnant Ricky announcement King-of-Kings shepherds criminals low-class thieves sinners chosen lowly poor second-coming calling evangelize relationship amazement listening busyness hectic Mary Conyers monastery silence sanctuary
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