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Popular Tags:  Men Call Joyce Answer Witness Share school Fr. Mark Librizzi meals dinner family eating-together share catch-up parable Italian familiarity Eucharist stories prayer unity energy whole-person transformed gift dress help connect abundant spirit celebrate kindness hope Gospel eternal-life Resurrection Believing Truth Faith Understanding Homily Fr. Mark Librizzi expectations commandments challenges inconvenience concern preaching-conflict support gifted-healer disease war writer writing Peace-Corps relationship Satan rock impediment stumbling-stone distraction Fr. Mark Librizzi speaks about our desire to be right. In being right it is a good thing when it brings glory to God but troublesome when it is a self centered excercise of pride. It is worse yet when we force or bully others to accept our “rightness.” Such it was with the Pharisees as they erected walls around their “rightness” and how it is for us today when we do not say what is truly right that which brings glory to God despite the difficulty in doing so. Fr. Kiskama Lemor afraid courage fear walk-on-water confront overcome conquer be-not-afraid threatened unsure uncertain Nigeria gun unrealistic Cocoa-Beach swim Indian-River Banana-River Atlantic-Ocean despondent Iraq ISIS Kurdish-towns Christian-brothers Yazidi Shiite air-strike relief holy-cities Ukraine Rusia Crimea Putin sanctions World-War Ebola-outbreak Sierra-Leone health-emergency Liberia Guinea dire hoarding hunger abandoned Elijah Jezebel more whisper stillness storm fearful I-am-here encouraged presence defeat-fears
More Tags:  Father Richard Walsh Easter airplane Flight-9525 Captain prayer merciful flight safety death brevity-of-life prepared Easter-Vigil journey dedication effort RCIA discovery Baptism Confirmation Eucharist infant-Baptism inherited-faith personal-acceptance owned-faith heart conversion shallow miracle resurrection sunrise-Mass obedient God’s-will invitation examine individual-effort Baptismal-Promises empty-gesture yes God’s-voice school Deacon Bob Kreps faith practice understanding believe catechism rigid resistant furrow embrace angry bewilderment change Jonah minor-prophet Isaiah relationship Yom-Kippur merciful benevolent sign-of-Jonah Call fisher’s-of-men Nineveh repentance disobedience storm whale obedience obey prophesy fasting praying gracious merciful kindness Mosul Iraq Assyria understanding-God discomfort judgment mercy Deacon Nemsy Gubatan mystic thankful-heart 10-lepers healer rabbi pity Master pleading dependence separation priests puzzled merciful obey hope faith trust 2003 heart-pain doctor EKG hospital ambulance surgery open-heart surrender emergency thanks thankfulness healing transformative love-back SMM School Veterans Day Celebration Video history dedication parishioners anniversary church risen Jesus Isaiah prophet lion lamb Jesse peace justice contentment John-Baptist future present prepare conversion good evil reconciliation Nelson-Mandela prison bitterness hatred mass-murderer forgiveness family-feud divorce false-gods over-medicate unhappiness Penance Advent Penance-service Deacon Bob Kreps gratitude mothers “thank-you” birthday-party outsiders excluded Naaman Syrian-commander Elisha Jordan-river wash prophet cured supremacy conversion-of-heart Israel saving-power 10-lepers Samaria isolated Master ritually-clean glorify-God faith saved foreigners cleansing gift Holocaust survivor Baptism Eucharist thankfulness
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