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Popular Tags:  Burke Homily Lent Prayer Fasting Almsgiving Deacon Bill Timmes artifacts reminder fish-hook reshaped fisher-of-many Baptism son 16 fishing virtues patience persistent joy Men’s-Day fallen-away Catholic empathy welcoming consistency respond OUR Pope-Francis redemption disciple Holy-Spirit Fr. Mark Librizzi speaks about our desire to be right. In being right it is a good thing when it brings glory to God but troublesome when it is a self centered excercise of pride. It is worse yet when we force or bully others to accept our “rightness.” Such it was with the Pharisees as they erected walls around their “rightness” and how it is for us today when we do not say what is truly right that which brings glory to God despite the difficulty in doing so. Fr. Glenn Charest youth boogyman heartbeat darkness light attacked Matthew Herod Pilate Magi astronomers Kings astrologers Epiphany Bethlehem house-of-bread Christ-child gold frankincense myrrh direction Sun Son Perry Como rainy falling-star Deacon Bob Kreps Decalogue IRS tax-code Scribes Pharisees Ten-Commandments grace challenge income-tax 16th-Amendment 30-words 54 846-pages God’s-law life-principals oral-law implicit work Sabbath burden scribal-law healing rules regulations Mishnah Talmud Jerusalem-Talmud fulfillment Word-of-God radicalize murder anger contrition adultery lust love First-Commandment Second-Commandment Law-Prophets perfect trust Bonhoeffer Hitler cheap-grace Dominican Youth Service Sacred Triduum Lent Croteau
More Tags:  Revised Roman Missal Deacon Bill Timmes choices Mass pew mindless-choices prayer conscience decisions good-bad morals trust voice moral-choices responsibility prom senior-skip-day dad Law do-more Our-Catholic-Appeal stretch challenges yes-mean-yes temptation bread Word-of-God Son-of-God satan worship serve Walsh Solzhenitsyn Gulag-Archipelago fields labor starvation suffering hopelessness shovel presence snow Soviet prison-camp hope power-of-the-cross defeat death Good-Friday cross savior St-Paul wisdom-of-God pain Ireland possibility tragedy loving-God Kiskama Lemor Christmas-Octave Holy-Family context family incarnated 3 500-families diverse stress troubles problems put-on-love decision openness differences listen disown work-pressure family-time premium support guidance weakest children elderly compassion immigrants sovereignty Jesus Fr. Kiskama Lemor preach-long boss Word Word-of-God attentive receptive alive sower seed presence human heart path rocks thorns fertile-soil self-knowledge quality spiritual-life spiritual-war evil good St-Paul controlled weed preparing openness let-go sink-deep grow suffering difficulties empowerment pick-and-choose totality conform decrease-sinfulness nourishment daily-prayer gratitude minimum communicating uproot priorities money prestige fame energy God-centered Fr. Kiskama Lemor Non-Catholic Cradle-Catholic Baptism memory infant-baptism sin sacrament original-sin members Baptismal-call servanthood trust service entrusted service-industry ultimate-vocation vocation Isaiah servant emptiness obedience humility redeeming-servanthood servitude charity kindness Saul Paul zealous passionate honor justice inequality Morgan Crofton life death respect reverence Walsh road rage disputes fights violence culture bioethics abortion convenience wanted ethic increase faith Francis gift dignity hardship life liberty happiness Walsh faith 4th July freedom
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