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MATC 2016 April Mission of Mercy Promotion Fr. Leo Hodges Distinguished-Graduate students Pastor St-Andrew 1973 Timmes Boy-Scout relationship friendship lasting human-person Incarnation understanding light raining radiance brightness internal chosen life recognition caring goodness self problems encouragement support universal Holy-Spirit Our-Father prayer brag Avila listening dad Abba simplicity forgiveness fallible adoration bread persistence John-Paul-II miracles brain-aneurism Costa-Rica migraine ask-find knock-open binding closeness treasure-heart beauty-soul Fr. Mark Librizzi meals dinner family eating-together share catch-up parable Italian familiarity Eucharist stories prayer unity energy whole-person transformed gift dress help connect abundant spirit celebrate kindness hope Gospel eternal-life Deacon Bill Timmes symbol Advent Christmas Nativity-scene Living-Nativity movies Christmas-cards Mary Joseph Jesus Holy-Family calm peaceful serene prince-peace joy shopping decorating meals visits drawn-in peacefulness forgiveness sacraments Reconciliation messed-up sorry total-forgiveness peace self-forgiveness ugly-election politics glorify-conflict give-forgiveness trust trust-God stoning divorce trust history dedication parishioners anniversary church risen Jesus Father Walsh birthdays anniversaries graduations celebrations reflection 1947 parish Church buildings community expand outward-focus mission leaven homeless succession future faith-commitment Feast-day Caesar surrender Margaret-Mary awareness Vilaire Philius Charleston Cadence Service Workcamp Heart Catholic Sacrifice material possess slaves happiness purpose Haiti Mission school SMM School Veterans Day Celebration Video Father Richard Walsh Catholic-Appeal naked oppressed hungry Isaiah sermon-on-the-mount salt light shine flavor overcome-darkness Light-of-Christ baptism larger-community Diocese international Haiti Orlando Central-Florida 6-languages Diocesan-programs seminarians deacons schools 574 000 oasis expectation larger-Church procrastination 3-wishes commitment $600 prayerful return Fr. Kiskama Lemor afraid courage fear walk-on-water confront overcome conquer be-not-afraid threatened unsure uncertain Nigeria gun unrealistic Cocoa-Beach swim Indian-River Banana-River Atlantic-Ocean despondent Iraq ISIS Kurdish-towns Christian-brothers Yazidi Shiite air-strike relief holy-cities Ukraine Rusia Crimea Putin sanctions World-War Ebola-outbreak Sierra-Leone health-emergency Liberia Guinea dire hoarding hunger abandoned Elijah Jezebel more whisper stillness storm fearful I-am-here encouraged presence defeat-fears Commercials Vikings documentary pseudo-historical mythology Norse-mythology accumulations judgment battle-prowess wealth funeral death burnt-offering after-life war banquet pillage modern-raiding more enough sufficiency worry giving success defeated crucified-God eternal-life provision Lent trust faith Kingdom completion Deacon Nemsy Gubatan Priest NY sermon short ambo embarrassed compunction deflate-ego humble-contrite-heart conversion entire-life-transformation Samaritan-woman love listening present living-water tough-times spiritually-depleted love-tank greatest-potential gives-more transparency Messiah intimacy awaken-God’s-love Fr-Fred Martha dying letting-go give-up love

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