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school news Father Walsh Sheridan Kathy Becht Church-year Ordinary-time end-of-times second-coming vigilance preparation purposeful-living time talent treasure stewardship gift adoption catechists choices decisions response Crown-Ministries Cursillo tithe tithing trust giving first-fruits share blessings Community culture first-cousin government famine individualistic self-reliant dependency transient social-safety antagonism disciplining excommunicated personal-sin interdependent intrusive Scarlet-Letter adultery redemption reconciliation forgiveness repentance sacrament merciful America-magazine mercy Father Son Holy-Spirit Blessed-Trinity taught teacher friendship secret intimacy eternal-life salvation one unity God’s-nature 3-persons guitar mind hand string relationship energy molecule atom electron empty-space St-John-Damascus never-ending-dance connected remain-in-love Susan Lisa mother daughter texting cell-phone communicate inner-locution remain-connected Fr. Mark Librizzi speaks about our desire to be right. In being right it is a good thing when it brings glory to God but troublesome when it is a self centered excercise of pride. It is worse yet when we force or bully others to accept our “rightness.” Such it was with the Pharisees as they erected walls around their “rightness” and how it is for us today when we do not say what is truly right that which brings glory to God despite the difficulty in doing so. hopelessness Solzhenitsyn Walsh shovel prisoners cross hope inner-change Soviet-empire Gulags possibility power Gulag-Archipelago terror ignominious crucifixion obedience foolishness salvation Good-Friday worship reverence baptism follow refugees illness terminal-illness why-me spared gifted sacrifice higher-cause surrender selfless transformed Fr. Mark Librizzi Lent giving-up sacrifice sins favorite-sin frustration devil separate weakness weak-spot Confession forgiveness self-loathing separation shame hiding fear do-not-be-afraid grace bad-relationship abusive-relationship constant-growth Penance sacrifice almsgiving desert Homily Charles Nbwana orphanage Kibale Uganda AIDS Fr Glenn Charest Gospel-Mark toward-Jerusalem teacher legacy band-of-persons Judas betrayal earthly-kingdom resurrection allegiance denial toward-the-cross shame disciples servants ambition stewardship selflessness Sparta hearts child welcoming favors ladder-climbing eyes-of-Jesus one unity holiness Charest Go-Kart disappointment appreciation prayer faith Margaret Mary Feast persevere Sacred Heart First Communion Eucharist gift Danny Child God Jesus Faith parent Father Richard Walsh vacation wedding cousin rehearsal hotel round-abouts markings streets lost directions frustration one-way police follow-me close far-away near distance Church Christ presence savior profession spiritual-progress relationship caught taught answers Lordship acknowledge-Christ Apostolic-action know believe prayer-life contemplation reconciling-power. Haiti Homily Revised Roman Missal Why Catholic faith small groups update grow share

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