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SMM Lazarus 911-experience accident injury faint phones sirens red-lights firemen gurney IV-line ER urgency Martha 4-days death buried untie delay soul healings exorcised feeding calmed-sea overcome-death Lord-of-Life Resurrection Life belief life-after-death funeral prepared Fr. Eugene O’Reilly Parish Mission cross tradition Jesus thieves thief steal valuables past yesterday future tomorrow regrets worries guilt shame if-only fears happiness rut fullness Fr. Mark Librizzi adultery challenge Pharisees stoning forgiveness Shamrock-shake obstacles sin mistakes compassion Revised Roman Missal Fr. Mark Librizzi speaks about our desire to be right. In being right it is a good thing when it brings glory to God but troublesome when it is a self centered excercise of pride. It is worse yet when we force or bully others to accept our “rightness.” Such it was with the Pharisees as they erected walls around their “rightness” and how it is for us today when we do not say what is truly right that which brings glory to God despite the difficulty in doing so. Fr. Mark Librizzi Billy-Joel 1989 40-years uncertainty difficulty simple-times generational-difficulties prophesy persecution fall-of-Temple awaiting-salvation natural-disasters troubles salvation signs bad-times end-of-world Christian-call cycles-in-life sacrifice unites transformation John-Paul-II hope vision see-past Ordinary-time Advent conclusion diligent focused eternal-life Christ-centered love miraculous resurrection salvation God’s-Kingdom Called Qualification Witness Vocation O'Malley Pat school spanish Roman Missal responses change Mass translation Latin English roof Centurion Scripture inclusion all many nations mother daughter salvation Isaiah re-translation Fr. Mark Librizzi blind vision-restored hearing Pharisees wisdom judges insult mock alienate painful wounds sin hurt torment persecute berate healing sin-origin Samuel anointing King hearts withdraw unkind rebel goodness reconciliation penance wounded-healers light expose wash hiding reconcile servants Dominican Republic DR Mission Youth Parent 2010 SService La Cucarita Fr. Glen Charest cognizant Nursing-home elderly dark-glasses sight-impaired fat over-weight Winston-Churchill ugly vision pregnant laughing insult mortified graciousness grace snipe respond offend hurt earthly-kingdom revenge spiritual-kingdom God’s-presence material-desire closed-off Gentile-world criticism child-like constructive-criticism baggage critical-reflection hyper-critical cowardly Corinthians hearts fail school spanish school spanish

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