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Deacon Bill Timmes age flint steel Boy-Scout fires spark flame light warm cooking Kairos prison Good-Will Catholic-Heart-Workcamp mission gospel penetrate mustard-seed kingdom gifts talents diversity serve utilitarianism ME Ceili-Rain You-then-Me answer-need minister hobbies enjoyment Confirmation Initiation Deacon Bob Kreps New-England submarine-base Amberjack warship military-exercises relationships symbiotic one-body one-mind mission Most-Holy-Trinity mystery unknowable metaphor heat power light fire Nicene-Creed loving-union creative life-giving enfolds encompasses image alone loneliness redeemer Father Brother Deacon Bill Timmes Pope-Francis human-trafficking prostitution insufficient prayer forgiveness Professor panel-discussion thunderous-applause author return-envelope humble humility Pope Bishop Pastor Priests put-others-first virtue self-focused Communion homebound good-morning blinders forgiveness lovers put-first Leo-Buscaglia Deacon Bob Kreps Aristides Hadrian Christians love living-out commandments Deuteronomy Leviticus neighbor dependent outreach care health schools society pews Christian-love personal Fr. Kiskama discusses the need to have spiritual direction along our journey of faith. People mature in their faith may provide guidance along our journey of prayer study and acts of mortification will help us to endure and grow more deeply. As an example even Samuel who grew in the understanding of his faith did not recognize the voice of the Lord until Eli pointed it out. Similarly disciples of John the Baptist did not recognize Christ as the Messiah until John pointed him out. A spiritual guide helps us to recognize what we might not recognize ourselves. Why Catholic faith small groups update grow share Fr. Kiskama Lemor short tall overcoming-obstacles inhibitor full-potential fullness height Zacchaeus inward outward Naaman Leper identify approach options distractors distractions Abraham Lot humble humility guidance solution options explore rough detest avoid Lord salvation decision Deacon Bill Timmes Diaconate Holy-Spirit study spiritual-growth family consult leukemia formation Baptism Confirmation power Pentecost Satan grace ordination gifts politically-correct offensiveness Fr. Kiskama Lemor welcome body blood insight treasure Corpus Christi evangelize consecration bread wine meaning intention memory presence real-presence food sacrifice grow celebrate become-Jesus accept identify Christ-who-lives-in-me Christ-like believe accept offer-selves mystical-food symbol difficult-understanding unless everlasting-life adore worship praise eternal-redemption spiritual-war spirit-with-spirit powerless become Father Mark Librizzi Thomas doubting-Thomas doubters disbelief physical-presence fool brave honesty courageous fears locked-in outside reciprocating abandonment Deacon Nemsy Gubatan Pastor-gift Christmas-present receipt expiration-date prayer salvation redemption 1st-grader family togetherness sharing gifts decorations Jesus’-birth happiness intentional divine-intervention Joseph divorce-quietly dream provider teacher John-Shea making-a-home judging clear-space law measure hammer love change self sun Holy-Spirit see-twice argue obedience meaning-to-love kind gentle generous humble belief mystic Francis joyful joy school Father Walsh birthdays anniversaries graduations celebrations reflection 1947 parish Church buildings community expand outward-focus mission leaven homeless succession future faith-commitment Feast-day Caesar surrender Margaret-Mary awareness Father Walsh Murphy elevator shopping expectations gifts Holland side-wall white-washed traditions rituals bow lost-meaning birth miracle God-Incarnate Savior risen-Christ renewal invitation

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