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Father Richard Walsh dog fire-hydrants decisions life-changing consult counsel transfiguration Galilee Messiah Jerusalem suffer crucifixion Satan human-divine assurance transfigured listen Moses Elijah law-give prophet Old-Testament glory sacrifice poverty holocaust following gratitude surrender solidarity Father Richard Walsh Ireland wet windy cold 31-years turned-away walked-away acceptance Bread-of-Life Christ-presence St-John-Gospel multiplication-loaves king free-meal heavenly-food nourishment eternal-life hard-saying successors belief plateau boulder Mass-rock yes Eucharist invitation LITE eat-flesh Father Richard Walsh First-Communion Danny Who-is-God babies grownups listening creating prayers bedtime-prayers everywhere Son hard-work kindness wisdom on-the-road Holy-Spirt organized vine branches Baptized strengthen guide remain sin bear-fruit Acts-of-Apostles growth witness contagious caught relationship Homily Walsh Christmas Fr. 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People mature in their faith may provide guidance along our journey of prayer study and acts of mortification will help us to endure and grow more deeply. As an example even Samuel who grew in the understanding of his faith did not recognize the voice of the Lord until Eli pointed it out. Similarly disciples of John the Baptist did not recognize Christ as the Messiah until John pointed him out. A spiritual guide helps us to recognize what we might not recognize ourselves. Deacon Bob Kreps Baptisms introductions name assembly people-of-God joyous Jeri blessings married-couple initiation catechesis official-name Joseph righteous dream angel Mary marriage-process upbringing responsibility food shelter clothing faith Matthew evangelization joy salvation Pope-Francis Gospel-joy consumerism renewal personal-encounter attraction invitation family Emmanuel announce Fr. 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