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  • Title: MATC 2016- April Mission of Mercy Promotion

  • Description: Mission of Mercy Promo Video for April 12th event
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (51)     Duration: (00:00:55}     Uploaded: 03-23-16
  • Tags: MATC 2016 April Mission of Mercy Promotion
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  • Title: Haiti Church Building Projects

  • Description: You’ve heard about the churches in Haiti that have been built as a...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (100)     Duration: (00:04:19}     Uploaded: 02-02-16
  • Tags: Haiti Building Churches
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  • Title: Haiti Mission Video 2006

  • Description: A taste of what we do and who we serve in union with in Haiti.
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (553)     Duration: (00:04:54}     Uploaded: 01-12-10
  • Tags: Haiti Social Justice Service
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