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Fr. Glenn Charest penal-system penalty rehabilitation transformed changed connection prodigal-son forgiving-father meals stuff isolated hunger celebration reconciled obey older-son rebelling excommunicate dewlling-of-Holy-Spirit backsliding reconciliation brought-back-into-Communion relationship gathered-into-one Body-of-Christ fractured-relationships restoration Fr. Kiskama discusses the need to have spiritual direction along our journey of faith. People mature in their faith may provide guidance along our journey of prayer study and acts of mortification will help us to endure and grow more deeply. As an example even Samuel who grew in the understanding of his faith did not recognize the voice of the Lord until Eli pointed it out. Similarly disciples of John the Baptist did not recognize Christ as the Messiah until John pointed him out. A spiritual guide helps us to recognize what we might not recognize ourselves. Fr. Glenn Charest humidity James Zebedee conflict misunderstand disciples glory sit-back work mission identity Holy-Spirit admiration distant satisfaction completeness love joy life peace self-image communion gifts talents Biblical-excuses sitting-in-the-glow work-of-Christ self-reflection self-sacrificing Fr. Mark Librizzi new-year Luke Advent lights decorations garland Christmas-tree preparation season feast celebration announce present-time foretelling signs Charlie-Brown presents priest prophet king prophetic serve engage anticipation coming sacraments Father Richard Walsh lottery $1 000 000 sermon-on-amount stewardship collection bread butter bills golden-age increase economic-decline plateau 2008 envelopes electronic-giving present future gymnasium field maintenance deferred-maintenance roof depreciation-fund termites increased-giving act-of-faith act-of-thanksgiving Father Richard Walsh WMOF World Meeting Families Family Pope-Francis relationships healing strengthen foundation-stone society profit pleasure Christian-people sacred pendulum-relationship church-family identity image Christian-purpose mission patience dedication golf changed persons time effort diversity mystery technology entertainment relationship-building family-time family-activities outreach Vacation-Bible-Camp community forgiveness grudge prayer trust faith school st. Patrick Fr. Kiskama Lemor Eucharist Bread-of-Life purpose relevance Elijah timid weary saddened Ahab Jezebel prophesy true-God rain consumed-in-fire widows-son fire-chariot fleeing purify-land depressed desert death-wish timid afraid saddened angry Horeb frustrated Africa immigrant hard-working incompatible educated food ate long-journey Eucharistic-food rely-on-God Bible inner-satisfaction sustain difficulties grieve give-in forgive eternal-life Boy Scout Scouts Anniversary 50 Fr. Kiskama Lemor Christ-the-King Liturgical-year judgment least-of-people hungry thirsty naked stranger prisoner marginalized fringe food Thanksgiving-store Christmas-store Gather-Us-In welcome homeless-concert IHN Haiti KUDU serving-others individual-judgment made-it do-more Social-Justice dignity economic-freedom opportunity other-sheep least-in-society Sierra-Leone Ebola patent angry scared frustrated pressure Father Glenn Charest challenged be-at-peace negativity life-ugliness difficulties separation relationship difficulties living-challenges leisure guilt sadness light hope Christ’s-peace spirit satisfaction Christ-dwelling supernatural real-presence service Haiti medical-mission MOMS Elizabeth-Ministry sacrificially-serving classroom nuns First-Communion Baltimore-Catechism know-love-serve Redeemer strict Confirmation identity Son-of-God Christ’s-identity Christ’s-meaning salvation intercessor teacher personal-relationship Messiah Elijah-figures private-faith public-faith discipleship loyal-friend mentor healer provider reliance heart union universal-relationship truth Eucharistic-relationship dialogue Father Richard Walsh Easter airplane Flight-9525 Captain prayer merciful flight safety death brevity-of-life prepared Easter-Vigil journey dedication effort RCIA discovery Baptism Confirmation Eucharist infant-Baptism inherited-faith personal-acceptance owned-faith heart conversion shallow miracle resurrection sunrise-Mass obedient God’s-will invitation examine individual-effort Baptismal-Promises empty-gesture yes God’s-voice Kiskama Lemor Christmas Nativity St-Luke St-Matthew Do-Not-Be-Afraid fear babe-child Jesus Incarnation Augustus census Galilee Bethlehem no-room Mary human pregnant shunned afraid reliance response Joseph swaddling-clothes crises problems self-pity depression courage security Fr. Mark Librizzi parables wealthy rich grandfather Italian 8-children successful gifts talents heaven control possessions harvest surplus individual-will God’s-will develop grow financial-comfort luxuries priorities wants needs lawyer doctor artists engineers improvement driven strive
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  • Title: The Sacred Triduum

  • Description: Walk through the days of the Sacred Triduum to understand how they a...
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  • Tags: Sacred Triduum Lent Croteau
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  • Title: Penance

  • Description: What if you weren't forgiven? A journey toward forgiveness through ...
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  • Tags: Penance Lent Payne
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  • Title: Almsgiving

  • Description: Purposeful Almsgiving a traditional Lenten discipline.
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  • Tags: Almsgiving Lent Gilbert
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  • Title: Fasting

  • Description: A traditional Lenten excercise leading us to a closer relationship w...
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  • Tags: Fasting Lent Patterson
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  • Title: Prayer

  • Description: Prayer as an excercise during Lent, AND as a daily family practice.
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  • Tags: Prayer Lent Reinneck
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  • Title: The Season of Lent

  • Description: A journey to the meaning of Lent with Fr. Walsh
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (320)     Duration: (00:05:05}     Uploaded: 01-29-10
  • Tags: Lent Walsh Season
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