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  • Title: Homily 15 11 29 McCarthy

  • Description: Fr. John McCarthy discusses the waiting during the Advent season. H...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (8)     Duration: (00:18:41}     Uploaded: 11-29-15
  • Tags: Fr. John McCarthy fear panic worry world-events shopping busyness holding-breath...
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  • Title: Homily 15 11 22 Lemor

  • Description: Fr. Kiskama Lemor introduces Bill and Gracie Mazanec who speak on th...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (5)     Duration: (00:15:47}     Uploaded: 11-29-15
  • Tags: Fr. Kiskama Lemor Christ-Universal-King Corpus-Christi adoration public-show int...
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  • Title: Homily 15 11 15 Gubatan

  • Description: Deacon Nemsy Gubatan discusses the end of times as our scriptures at...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (4)     Duration: (00:15:6}     Uploaded: 11-29-15
  • Tags: Deacon Nemsy Gubatan mother little-boy old-man end-of-world homework liturgical-...
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  • Title: Homily 15 11 15 Ferraioli

  • Description: Deacon George Ferraioli reflects on the readings pointing to the end...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (10)     Duration: (00:14:50}     Uploaded: 11-15-15
  • Tags: Deacon George Ferraioli end-times signs Daniel darkness
    falling-stars war injust...
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  • Title: Homily 15 11 08 Walsh

  • Description: Father Richard Walsh gives a sermon on the “amount” as he challe...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (13)     Duration: (00:12:46}     Uploaded: 11-08-15
  • Tags: Father Richard Walsh lottery $1 000 000 sermon-on-amount stewardship collection ...
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  • Title: Homily 15 11 01 Librizzi

  • Description: Fr. Mark Librizzi explains how it can be intimidating to accept the ...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (15)     Duration: (00:09:23}     Uploaded: 11-08-15
  • Tags: Fr. Mark Librizzi sainthood intimidating 10-commandments not-do beatitudes to-do...
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  • Title: Homily 15 10 25 Timmes

  • Description: Deacon Bill Timmes acknowledges how we all are drawn in admiration t...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (12)     Duration: (00:09:11}     Uploaded: 11-08-15
  • Tags: Deacon Bill Timmes Beatles-fan Paul-McCartney Ringo-Starr Briar-Patch admire adm...
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  • Title: Homily 15 10 25 Kreps

  • Description: Deacon Bob Kreps asks us to uncover and understand our deepest desir...
  • Rating:   1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (12)     Duration: (00:11:42}     Uploaded: 11-08-15
  • Tags: Deacon Bob Kreps Son-of-David mercy bridge Year-of-Mercy balm blinding-trachoma ...
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