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Nursery services provided and an explaination of our Mothers Morning Program.
Added: 3776 days ago by chuckboyd
Runtime: 268.00
Views: 4482
Our enemy in this spiritual war is the beast, Satan. His greatest tool is deception
Added: 2559 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 646.02
Views: 4519
The Fire- The Holy Spirit and its work in our lives
Added: 2554 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 602.01
Views: 4498
Our Youth Group took a trip to SIFAT, located in Lineville, Alabama to learn how people in various 3rd world countries live. The youth were also taught a number of survival skills, such as building a smokeless fire. In addition, they learned many of the daily tasks these people do in order to live their lives.
Added: 3568 days ago by chuckboyd
Runtime: 300.00
Views: 4833
In this short video we get a sampling of what our kids think about God, being a pastor, etc.
Added: 3515 days ago by SallyH
Runtime: 185.00
Views: 4530
This was our first video scavenger hunt. We went to the beach and had to film various random things, from dolphins, to godzilla, from people singing, to playing in snow. Enjoy!
Added: 3369 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 329.40
Views: 4448
Contemporary service with the Harvest Band and Patrick McBride, Contemporary Worship Leader.
Added: 3337 days ago by chuckboyd
Runtime: 4110.54
Views: 4885
This is a little mock-umentary directed by two of our youth, Ryan Etheredge and Lauren Broxson, which examines the work of a youth director when the kids aren't around and at school. Who knew someone who worked with youth could be so angry, lazy, and nonsensical all at once? Based on the style of "The Office" this is how we hope a youth director wouldn't act. DISCLAIMER: Again this is how a youth director SHOULD NOT act and is meant to be funny. So laugh and enjoy!
Added: 3337 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 598.67
Views: 4683
MGUMC Contemporary Service on Sunday May 17, 2009 with the sermon by Associate Pastor Laura Weant. Additionally, there is a recognition of the new Stephen Ministers along with 2 skits.
Added: 3288 days ago by chuckboyd
Runtime: 3519.98
Views: 4990
The first week of our resistance discipleship program, focusing on sin and its consequences.
Added: 2621 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 460.94
Views: 4758
Week two of our discipleship program! Focusing on the crucial moment when God brings us to our senses, and we see Him for who He really is and us for we really are for the very first time.
Added: 2617 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 500.03
Views: 4977
Week three of the resistance. In a world of sin everything of righteousness costs something. Without sacrifice there can be no progress. What it costs to live for Jesus.
Added: 2610 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 572.01
Views: 4795
Liberation. Pure freedom. What we gain in becoming followers of Christ: freedom from sin and its eternal consequences. This is the week whether you decide to follow him or not-- whether or not to cross enemy lines.
Added: 2596 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 640.01
Views: 4836
This is about the surgery God does in your heart as you walk with Him. There are things that are cut away, and things that are added so you will be fruitful. It's a surgery only he can perform
Added: 2596 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 674.01
Views: 4730
Train- to be an effective soldier in resisting this world, you must learn how to train in the word and how to hear God's voice
Added: 2589 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 669.01
Views: 4580
Our fight is a spiritual fight. Our weapons are spiritual weapons. We are called to fight. Our fight is fought through love and truth.
Added: 2575 days ago by p_mcbride
Runtime: 1316.01
Views: 4732
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