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  • Receiving external energy ,the energy can be called true ,and step by step cycle and make it grow ,the last stored in the pubic region, forming a so-called internal force .While the Dantian is divided in three Hara ,on employment for Du Yintang point, also known as the clay Palace ;the pectoral region for chest Tanzhong point ,for the cases of gas poly ;pubes for Ren Guanyuan ,below hilum three inches ,as the essence of .
    relationresultThefist had the heart to more powerful, took the bullet analogy, if the fist is the warhead ,the heart is gunpowder .The warhead is again big, no gunpowder complexes ,with a stone not much difference .
    You are thrown by hand warhead can also harm ,but it is certainly not the big gunpowder .Of course, also don no ,practice a set of boxing to deal with people is very useful .But even without the warhead ,a large quantity of gunpowder would produce great power ,but a good slug is more lethal, play a multiplier effect .
    So the heart law ,boxing as a supplement, although not limited to boxing ,sword ,gun ,used as well, these are external things .Some of the heart just to simply improve the internal force ,some form of specialized heart plus .
    While meridian tenacity and determines the efficiency of the exerciser ,Dan , relationresultFielddetermines the true capacity .Profound strength not only can strengthen body ,can prolong life ,so Wu Hao is now urgently looking for an internal heart method to practice ,but the old man had confessed that he cannot ,Hu Lian, had to give up .
    relationresultButWu Hao put the Internal KungFu also too simple ,exercise to benefit the internal organs is to form a gas ,with gas sense to run it along the acupoints of circulation ,thereby absorbing energy from the outside ,a lot of people cross practicing kung fu training is good, but also difficult to form gas sense ,without gas ,what true circulating absorption energy are words louis vuitton shop,but Wu Hao did not know it .
    relationresultUpto these ancient books away ,to visit this book house ,basically all the books say that box hole are marked ,but there is an exception, but is too high ,Wu Hao out ,only to give up ,wait for the day which is called Taishan to help him .
    Although Taishan is one of the very few in front of Wu Hao reveal the martial arts ,but Wu Hao has the feeling ,Taishan must be a master ,but also higher than normal louis vuitton shop, as for the elderly ,is totally have no bottom .
    While there is a written by sun box hole is empty ,do not know how the matter .relationresultOut of thebook club ,the old man still ,Wu Hao could open ,old man aware as to say: how? relationresultFor the oldway of speaking ,Wu Hao is accustomed to :benefit ,many do not know where to look at the book become enlightened at once .
    relationresultThe old mannodded :well, yes, I see your qualification is very good, and after washing of pulp reinforcement should be made ,martial arts ,I just care about you just need to have a certain foundation .
    You finished your recovery ,from the book to find a door inside the tower heart law practice ,there do not understand to ask me .relationresultWu Hao wasoverjoyed ,he didn it ,old man to put forward, quickly replied: yes .
    relationresultGo !The old man seemed detachment .relationresultWould like toask your own face is how to return a responsibility ,but never open .In a ceremony ,Wu Hao returned to the room, my heart is very excited ,he finally to become a martial arts master !The excitement was also temporarily to dilute some melancholy .
    relationresultThe fourth chapter ring .relationresultIt ismore than half a month ,during this time ,Wu Hao is not with out of Taishan gym ,incidentally RBI game picked wild fruit Ling grass what is in the book ,house to continue to study ,while restoring his own body .
    relationresultIn fact,Wu Hao feel good, at least up much better than before ,but now this body has not previously can compare ,to restore to the best, is the need for large amounts of energy .
    With the restoration of the body, the body of Wu Hao more sturdy ,meat is long many did not say ,but also a lot of tall ,eyes are brighter than ever ,and a greater change ,it is a mixed blessing .
    Introverted feeling has changed, the change is in, Wu Hao says not to come out .There is a strange thing that Wu Hao felt his body getting hot ,even in the very cold in the snow mountain is the same, Wu Hao thought is his body recovered well ,is not too concerned about .
    relationresultOne day,the old man called Wu Hao asked :body recovered almost ?relationresultThanks for the younger generation ,feel have nothing ,just feel whole body heat .In fact, Wu Hao is saying that in addition to the feeling of hot outside can not be better ah ,like every day have inexhaustible energy .

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